What does vol mean in perfume

Dream interpretation of perfume

Perfume is not just a fragrant mixture of alcohol, distilled water and fragrances. It's also synonymous with a touch of luxury. You don't buy it because you need it, but because you want to do something good for yourself.

Even in ancient Egypt it was customary to rub the body with fragrant essences. The scent of a perfume develops together with the personal body odor, so that each person has an individual note. The smell can be beguiling, lovely, heavy or refreshing. In Patrick Süskind's novel "Perfume", the main character composes seductive fragrances in a cruel way that in the end she pays for it with her life.

If someone dreams of a perfume, they may feel a very real sensory experience. The scent probably reminds him of something from his past. For a closer interpretation of the dream it is necessary to find out what connects the dreaming with the smell and whether it awakens pleasant or unpleasant memories.

So try to remember: Was the scent from the dream flowery, sweet or tart? Was there flowery jasmine or a hint of musk in the air? Did the perfume remind you of a warm sea breeze? The feelings in a dream also play into the dream interpretation.

If you could smell a certain spice out of the dreamed perfume scent, look here as well.

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Dream symbol "perfume" - the general interpretation

In the dream interpretation, perfume is a dream symbol for emotional balm. The dreaming strives for a feeling of satisfaction or maybe even wants to luxury indulge. At the moment, he may have the feeling that the pleasure in life is being neglected.

The scent of the perfume in the dream reminds the dreamer of past, perhaps carefree times. The associated Feelings he can experience it again with the help of the dream symbol. Giving away or making perfume announces positive developments in the interpretation of dreams, perhaps a new love or business success.

In addition, the scent of the perfume can downright intoxicate the senses, so that the perception is disturbed. For dream analysis this means that the dream symbol for one Attempted deception can stand. Possibly the dreaming tries to keep a good appearance, although he has made a mistake.

Buying the perfume in a dream and wearing it yourself can also mean that you can get the sympathy another person. It is a negative sign in the popular dream interpretation when the dreaming breaks a bottle or spills the perfume. The dream symbol can then embody the loss of a cherished thing or person as well as bitter disappointments.

Dream symbol "perfume" - the psychological interpretation

For the psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol "perfume" represents the need to let oneself appear in a special light. The dreaming would like a sensual, erotic effect that he wants in real life.

The scent note of the perfume in the dream also often stands in dream research for certain character traits that the dreaming likes or rejects in himself. However, the dream symbol can also indicate properties that he admires in others.

Another psychological aspect is that smells often arouse feelings that were thought to be forgotten. The dream symbol "perfume" can bring back memories of people or situations. The decisive factor for dream interpretation is whether the people and experiences are perceived as positive or negative.

The more pleasant the scent is felt and the more intensely the dream is experienced, the stronger the feeling of nostalgia to be after something past, which triggers the dream symbol "perfume". If the smell causes reluctance in the dream or is perceived as a stench, this is a warning signal in dream research for an unprocessed trauma.

Dream symbol "perfume" - the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual respect the dream symbol "perfume" indicates the ability of the dreaming, information that of his intuition serve to relate it to a fragrance and to recognize it on the basis of this.

In the spiritual dream interpretation, the perfume also stands for holiness.