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Malborn is a male Bosmer in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Background [edit | Edit source]

Malborn hates the Thalmor because they killed his family during one of their purges in Valenwood. "Malborn" is not his real name either, he only took it so that the Thalmor wouldn't recognize him.

He is in contact with the blade dolphins.

Interactions [edit | Edit source]

Diplomatic immunity Edit source]

When the Dragonborn and Dolphins want to find out whether the Thalmor are behind the return of the dragons, Malborn helps them, as he works as a drink server at the festival in the Thalmor Embassy.

Malborn is later exposed and the Dragonborn can either let him die or save him.

Escape [edit | Edit source]

If he survives, the Dragonborn can find him in the Neu-Gnisis-Club in the Gray District in Windhelm. There he says that he wants to flee to Morrowind, but believes that the Thalmor sent a Khajiit named J'datharr to kill him.

You have to go to the stables of Windhelm and you can find some Khajiit traders there under which he camouflages himself, if you speak to Ri'saad, he reveals that J'datharr is not one of them. You can kill him directly or tell him first: "Malborn has something to tell you, "which he attacks. You don't get a bounty.

If the Dragonborn kills the same assassin, Malborn gives him 250 seventh and leaves Windhelm to go to Morrowind.

He will leave the city on foot and head north, at some point he will simply disappear.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

Malborn's main skills:

Quests [edit | Edit source]