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Make Money From Old Cell Phones & DVDs: Top Selling Tips

Films on DVD that no one watches anymore, discarded smartphones or empty printer cartridges should not simply be left to gather dust or be thrown away. Because: You earn money with it on many online buying portals.

Everyone knows it: old music albums are stacked on the shelf, games that were once bought at a high price are uselessly stored in drawers and the discarded game console ends up in the recycling yard.

According to the Environmental Aid, around 1.7 million tons of electronic waste are generated in Germany every year - and the trend is rising. In many cases this is not only a burden for the environment, but also a waste of money for the consumer. Because the bulky waste is not the last resort for the old technology.

You can get money for your second-hand goods on special purchase portals on the Internet.

Old games, films and CDs? Which online platforms sell on?

Momox is an online platform that buys your used CDs, DVDs and games from you. This is how it works: Enter the barcode number from the packaging on the website. The purchasing portal will then give you a price for your used goods. If you agree, you can print out a delivery note and send the goods in one package. The dealer pays the shipping costs. You will only receive the money after an examination. In order for Momox to accept the goods for you, the data carriers must not be damaged. The minimum purchase value is ten euros.

Note for gamers: If you want to sell PC or console games to Momox, you have to consider some restrictions. Games that have to be activated online must be originally shrink-wrapped, while pure online games such as World of WarCraft are not purchased at all.

Purchase portals for smartphones, computers, tablets

According to Bitkom, more than 80 million cell phones are gathering dust in unused drawers in German households. Even though they are still functional and contain valuable substances such as copper, platinum and even gold.

Buying portals such as flip4New, rebuy, zoxs or clevertronic, where you can sell old hardware, can help. The portals promise fair prices for used products - from smartphones to games consoles to PCs. It is important that you accurately describe the condition of the items in the dealers' online forms. Devices that are no longer functional are also accepted on flip4new. In a comparison by Stiftung Warentest (2016), the highest prices for smartphones were achieved on clevertronic and zoxs.

If you want to at least protect the environment when disposing of old technology, you should always observe a new legal regulation: In the meantime, retailers are obliged to take back and dispose of electrical devices.

You can even monetize empty printer cartridges

You can still make money even with empty toner or printer cartridges. Vendors like Money for Garbage buy the empties. Prices range from ten cents to forty euros each. Shipping is free of charge for you from a reimbursement value of thirty euros.

The overview shows: You can improve your financial situation in everyday life with simple means.

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