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"It really knocked me off my feet in terms of my career! I was offered contracts without applying - contracts for which my colleagues had double diplomas (or PHDs), or years of great experience, and Worked in breathtaking places - but people hired me - and I have NO college education at all. My money vibration is higher than ever, I am experiencing such abundance that it totally amazes me. "

Danielle Pearson - New Zealand

You cannot know how much movement started in my body since the virtual retreat. I do the Instrument Panel exercise every morning and now really got how necessary and powerful it is to involve the body! ... I am deeply grateful for you being here and sharing so generously your knowledge and path! My gratitude is beyond words as is your work!

Bettina - Germany

No more suffering ..."Before Divine Openings, my life was full of suffering and contradiction. 5 years later, I can't even count all the good things that got even better. On the outside, but more on the inside - I feel light, joyful, creative, safe , confident and a lot more. Lola has created a method that opens up your true self to you - your great self. "

Verena Hayn - Munich, Germany

"I am amazed at how wonderful Divine Openings is - thank you! Sincerely!"

Angelika - Germany

"Every time I've sat down to email you for the past 5 weeks, I've always been able to remind you of more wonderful things that have already happened."

James - UK

"I have read many, many, many self help, enlightenment, and relationship books - none of them really spoke to my heart, my soul like Divine Openings did. I understood everything the other books said in my brain ... yet the pieces never felt whole for me. Then Divine Openings brought everything together for me ... with the missing piece of Grace. I really do feel that the world would be a much better place if everyone read your book, took your online courses and attended retreats.

Marlene Geschke - Austin, Texas

Peace no matter what... "Words cannot express my gratitude. How is it possible that all of this can happen in such a short time? How is it possible that I can feel so happy even though I have lost my mom, my best friend (But I know she's close to me when I'm in soooo high a vibration.) How is it possible that I feel this happiness even though my husband has terminal cancer? Because I AM, just I Am . "


Love... "During the 5-day retreat I made the intention to let more love flow into my life ... to bring more awareness into relationships. It really blossomed! My self-esteem is higher than EVER - and no longer caused by what others think of me. I just wanted to write that I smile, yes, laugh, with a bubbling in my heart and my eyes filling with tears. "

Danielle - New Zealand

"I credit Divine Openings for breaking the blocks to my success, and for the explosive, fantastic growth and changes I have had in my life!"

Skip Powers - Houston

Enlightenment... "Most of the time, I'm not the thinker anymore, but a witness of the thinker! This is amazing and magical to me because I had an over-analytical mind when I started Divine Openings (I was, like a junkie, addicted to Stories, haha). Now there is such a sweet, empty space, full of love, joy and expansion! "

Marilyn A Milford - Pennsylvania

Complete life transformation ..."What Divine Openings did for me? ... that I love myself for the first time in my life? Good heavens, where was I 4 months ago after synchronicities and signs like 11:11 almost drove me crazy "I was near death four months ago - of my own free will. But 11:11 finally led me to the Divine Openings website!"

Julianne W - Ottowa

Debt Free ... "One of my greatest wishes was to be debt free. What I've achieved now - except for the mortgage - and paid for my new car in cash! I can only vaguely remember most of the other frustrations I had before the Divine Openings (I was unemployed for 2 years). All aspects of my life have gotten a lot better now. Of course there are still challenges, but in the midst of them I am usually happy and calm!

Theril - UK

"Dear Lola, Divine Openings continues to affect my life in such positive ways. The Divine Openings journey is a constant source of love and development .... Thanks for everything you do, it's unique and beyond all standards. "

Helen - USA

"I feel like I've come home. And now I know the way back home in case I should get lost."

Breiney - New York

"I thank you for the wonderful Divine Openings gifts and the energy that is in everything you do. You have given me the keys to freedom and helped me find myself - finally - after all that searching! Thank you that you lead me on this path to my true self. "

Jim Cochran - Virginia

"Divine Openings is definitely the real deal!"

Heather Smitt - UK

"Lola, you and your work continue to have a tremendous impact on my life. Although I've been on the" spiritual path "for over 30 years, I take into account what I get from you in the REAL start of my spiritual journey Travel in 2006, I am forever grateful to you! "

Anand-Sara - California

“While the book guides the conscious mind in understanding this process, you step through portals where you can understand, see and experience all the more what life was meant to be: easy, full of joy and love, and positive adventure it's actually not a process where you have to work hard on yourself, but a gradual awakening through allowing. "

Verena - Germany

When you said that grace takes 90% and I only have to do my 10%, it sounded too good to be true. But it has worked in my life and grace has been raining it down on me for five years now! Be blessed, Lola Jones. "

Heinrich - Germany

... these energies change the people around me and our living conditions. Things happen, but don't just happen, and I'm fine! So how does it affect Divine Openings in my life? I can report on so many miracles - you wouldn't believe it - or - stop - you would! "

Jackie - Florida

"In" these times "my business is very profitable! '"

LeAnn - Pennsylvania

"Thank you for taking the time to answer me and for being you and for all the love you help us to feel. Without you I would never have found happiness with __ (her late fiancé). Dearest Lola, please take good care of yourself and know that you are absolutely valued all the way here to Central Africa! "

Angela Henderson - South Africa

I knew nothing about spirituality until suddenly, about five years ago, I had a big opening experience. On the very same day, Lola’s book, Things Are Going Great in my Absence, came into my life in a surprising synchronicity. I'm so glad it did. It helped me know what to do with this new realm that suddenly had opened before me! Lola has a talent for articulating spiritual ideas in easy & accessible language ... I have loved the Divine Openings community, and made amazing friends who’ve expanded me too!

Amy W - Los Angeles