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Willi Herren: Now he comments on the separation from his Jasmin

April 17, 2021 - 2:36 a.m.

Distraction from a new business idea

They were in love, engaged and married - and in between they argued. But now the separation of Jasmin (42) and Willi Herren (45) should be final. We were present at the opening of his potato cake truck in Frechen near Cologne and talked to the pop singer about the end of love.

Willi Herren: "The jasmine is already missing"

In March, Jasmin Herren made the separation from her sweetheart Willi public. Last week, she spoke for the first time about the marriage and revealed that a family member of the pop singer was not entirely uninvolved. And what is Willi doing? He presents his new business idea in a good mood - until we ask him about his ex. He reveals: "The jasmine is already missing. But unfortunately we are separated. [...] I'm also glad - hand on heart - that I'm distracted. Maybe help me get over the pain."

Jasmin is on vacation on the Baltic Sea

Meanwhile, Jasmin is distracted by the Baltic Sea. Here she spends a few days with her parents and wants to recharge her batteries. "I'm in the process of finding my own way," she says in the RTL interview. And who knows where it will lead ...