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An online search for “Digital Media Manager” results in more than two million hits - and the number is increasing every day. But what exactly does someone do with this job, what tasks do they have and what are the earnings and promotion opportunities? In this article we will give you an overview.

The job description of the digital media manager

If you take a look at the job vacancies for Digital Media Manager, you will probably notice one thing: the job title varies a lot. Some companies are looking for:

  • Digital media manager
  • Digital Media Sales Manager
  • Digital & Social Media Manager
  • Global digital media manager

In summary, the job description of the digital media manager lies between positions such as the more operational social media manager and the more strategically oriented Business Development Manager at. The digital media manager, for example, develops digital communication strategies or optimizes the online visibility of a brand. Each company sets priorities, such as the area of ​​sales, individually in its job advertisement. Whatever the specialization, the entire professional field is growing rapidly in view of the rapidly advancing digitization of many companies. Anyone looking for a job as a digital media manager should therefore have no problems finding a well-paid and interesting job.

Areas of application for digital media managers

Depending on the focus of the position you hold as digital media manager, you can be deployed in different departments. A digital media manager usually works in marketing or IT. In marketing, he's the one who plans digital campaigns. In IT, he develops technical procedures to make a brand digitally future-proof. Overall, this job description is extremely varied and can even vary greatly from company to company. It is therefore helpful to study the job advertisements carefully, as the ideas of what a digital media manager does are sometimes very different.

How do you become a digital media manager?

If you are interested in a position as a digital media manager, you have various options to qualify for it. On the one hand, there are special courses for "Master Digital Media Manager", on the other hand training and further education directly to the Digital media manager or to Online Marketing Manager, Social media manager or Digital business innovatorwho are a very good starting point for this position. But also that professional lateral entry is possible if you have the appropriate skills and the willingness to pursue further training.

Important characteristics and skills of a digital media manager

What exactly do you need in order to gain a foothold as a digital media manager and to enter or advance your career? Let's take a closer look at the most important competencies:

Willingness for lifelong learning

The Digital Media Manager works in a fast-moving work area in which conditions and requirements can change quickly. If you want to be successful here, you must therefore be willing to lifelong learning. Only those who are willing to continuously deal with current developments in the digital sector and receive further training can survive here in the long term.


As a digital media manager, you also benefit a lot from a certain agile attitude. Agility here means to be flexible, to be able to adapt quickly to new circumstances and to approach changes proactively. People who can work in an agile way are not so easily upset when projects change several times after the project has started. Since this is more the rule than the exception in the digital work environment, an agile attitude is very useful here.

Digital literacy

Digital literacy is one of them nine most important skills for the future of the digital world of work and describes the ability to capture and use digital content. This means that you will be able to find and understand relevant information online. This also means that you know how to move around and communicate safely in the digital environment, for example on social media. Put simply, you can understand digital literacy as “digital competence”.

Strategic thinking

The digital media manager is often responsible for the strategic orientation that a company adopts online. So it is very beneficial if you can think systematically and conceptualize with foresight. In concrete terms, this includes things such as defining relevant goals for your digital measures or selecting the right key figures in order to be able to carry out a meaningful performance review.

customer focus

In the digital environment, campaigns run closer to customers than anywhere else. The contact to prospects and customers is actually part of the daily business, because in every online campaign people comment, like or dislike your content immediately after it is published. It depends on a prompt and nevertheless friendly reaction to customer feedback and inquiries. As a digital media manager, especially as someone who is also used in the areas of community management, you should therefore have a very customer-oriented perspective.

Promotion and income opportunities of a digital media manager

The opportunities for advancement in this area are excellent, because as a digital media manager you will work in a rapidly growing area. With a qualification as listed above and a little work experience, you can quickly advance to the team leader level or higher. The earning potential varies greatly and depends primarily on the specific area of ​​responsibility of your position. As an employee without a management position, salaries are between € 40,000 and € 50,000 per year. You can earn significantly more with employee or project responsibility.

Overall, the digital media manager is a worthwhile and exciting job profile for people who like to work online and love variety in their everyday life.

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