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We discuss with a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry what lockdown means for the psyche of children and how they can be helped. Today is "Banana Bread Day". That's why we try what it tastes like and also deliver a fluffy recipe for re-baking.

We also show how consumers can actively influence the production of food.

Lonely in lockdown - the suffering of the children

For many children, school is a compensation space. Through contact with friends and teachers, they can partially compensate for problems and rejection that they experience at home. The corona crisis means that many children have to severely restrict their social contacts. We clarify what the consequences are and how best to help the children.

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A platform of the “Federal Ministry for Family” offers many tips for children and young people during the Corona period.

Children's and youth telephone number for the "number against grief"
Children and young people who need someone to talk to can register here. It doesn't matter whether it's about stress with parents or friends, abuse, eating disorders or depression. The number against Kummer also offers online advice for children and young people.

Telephone number: 116111 (free and anonymous)
Mondays to Saturdays: 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Telephone counseling (available around the clock, 365 days a year)
The telephone counseling is a nationwide anonymous, confidential and free help for all people with worries or in crisis situations.
Telephone numbers (free and anonymous):
• 0800 1 110111
• 0800 1 110222
• 116123

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Our guest in the studio

Dr. med Nawid Peseschkian
Specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry & psychotherapy
Langgasse 38-40
65183 Wiesbaden

Tel: 0611 3086030
Email: [email protected]

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The hit in lockdown - vegan banana bread

Flour, baking powder, a little salt and a little vinegar, cinnamon, vegetable milk and of course bananas, that's all you need for a basic banana bread recipe. There are of course innumerable variations. The popularity goes so far that February 23rd has been chosen as the day of banana bread.

tip: If a banana has become a little too ripe for you, just freeze it. Bread can also be baked from frozen bananas. And banana ice cream is a delicious alternative.

The recipe for "Vegan Banana Bread" can be found here.

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Angela Lederer and Sibel Bakanhan
Plants and Cakes EAST
Lindleystrasse 17
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Telephone: 0 69 - 34 70 32 11
Information at:

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Series: "Green Founders" | You're the boss here - consumers say what food should be like (2/5)

It is important that the cow is kept in a species-appropriate manner. And that the farmer gets a good wage for his work, just fair. But how can this be influenced? The "You are the boss here" initiative lets customers decide what is important to them when it comes to products. And that's how they are produced. There is milk already, potatoes, butter and eggs will follow soon.

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The community "You are the boss here! The consumer brand" e. V.
Schwalbacher Strasse 45
65343 Eltville am Rhein

Phone: 0163 8807552
Email: [email protected]
Information at:

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Moderation: Daniel Johé
Broadcast: hr-fernsehen, "Die Ratgeber", February 23, 2021, 6:45 pm

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