How to send files through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger: How to Send PDFs

In the following practical tip, we will show you how to send a file, for example in PDF format, with Facebook Messenger.

Sending PDFs in Facebook Messenger on the PC - Here's how

If you use Facebook Messenger on your PC via the Facebook website, you can easily attach a file:

  1. Open the chat bar and select the contact you want to send a PDF or other file to.
  2. In the chat window there is a paperclip icon in the lower right next to the smiley selection.
  3. If you click on this, the file manager opens on your computer and you can select and send any file.
  4. It's even easier if you simply drag and drop a file from your file manager window into the chat window. The file is then uploaded automatically and can be sent with a click on the Send button.

Send PDFs and files via the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone: Here's how!

Since we occasionally have to send documents or other files while on the move, it makes sense to send them directly and quickly via the Facebook Messenger app. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Unfortunately, there is no button directly in the Messenger app that will take you to the file menu of your smartphone. Here they have to think the other way around:
  2. Find the file in your file manager or the downloads folder on your smartphone.
  3. Depending on the file manager, the actions here can vary. Normally, however, you will find the share button for every PDF or other document in the view or in the menu of the file manager.
  4. Select this option and find Facebook Messenger from the available applications.
  5. Then tap on the relevant contact and the file will be sent.

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