How to use the handbrake with vlcm

Release electronic parking brake [advisor]

We have it in the car wash almost every day, there is always someone with us who cannot release his electronic handbrake or, in general, the autohold.

And even if we get a little louder sometimes, it's not a problem, we get that solved in most cases

It is important that you as a customer keep calm, nothing is worse in such a situation than falling into a hectic pace. You usually make the wrong decision.

If nothing works, you can get out and we will take care of it

But for everyone who wants to do it themselves, here are brief instructions on how to release the electronic parking brake

Manual electr. Release the handbrake:

Step 1: run the engine

This is not absolutely necessary, but it makes a lot of things easier. Many cars lock automatically when you turn off the engine. And even when driving off at the end of the washing process, it is easier if the engine is running

Step 2: foot on the brakes

The parking brake can only be released when you have your foot on the brake.

Step 3: release the parking brake

In most cases, you release the electronic parking brake when you push forward once. So hit the brake / button,

  • dont pull!
  • Don't push and then pull!
  • Do not press twice or more.
  • Do not take your foot off the brake in between!
  • Do not step on the brakes again when the parking brake is released

This is exactly what is done and the parking brake is often reactivated as a result.