Clicking noise when braking the Prius

Change brakes Toyota Prius

As an example, we asked our partner to change the brakes on both axles of a 2016 Toyota Prius for the Frankfurt region. This is intended to illustrate the savings potential that arises from such a comparison. In just 1.5 hours, an experienced mechanic changes the brakes on the front and rear axles of our example vehicle. He needs about 0.7 hours of this for the front axle, while the work on the rear axle takes about 0.8 hours.

The result is as follows: Changing the brakes on the front axle of the vehicle would cost between EUR 318 and EUR 498.72. The exchange of the discs and pads on the rear axle is offered to us at prices from 288.20 euros to 458.52 euros. The price comparison allows you to save around 170 euros per axle, without any additional effort or obligations.

Take advantage of the opportunity to save yourself cash with our free service. You can use the search mask to get a cost estimate for changing the brakes in your area, based on the original manufacturer's data. At the same time, you will find a workshop here that suits you - just give it a try.