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Lower Saxony's step-by-step plan: what is possible with which incidence?

Status: 11.05.2021 10:44 a.m.

Lower Saxony's state government has presented the "Corona step plan 2.0" for further openings. Which of the three levels applies depends on the incidence in a district or an urban district.

Health Minister Daniela Behrens (SPD) explained in the cabinet press conference on Monday that the step-by-step plan should offer the various areas a perspective on what to expect when the number of infections falls. The lower the incidence, the more openings in the individual areas and freedoms for citizens are possible.

There are three levels:

  • Level 1: Incidence between 10 and 35 - increased infection rate
  • Level 2: Incidence between 35 and 50 - high infection rate
  • Level 3: Incidence between 50 and 100 - severe infection

Incidence three days over 100: Federal emergency brake applies

If the number of infections rises to more than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days in a district or an urban district on three consecutive days, the so-called federal emergency brake comes into force. This step is therefore no longer included in the step-by-step plan. If the incidence value falls below 100 on five working days in a row - with weekends not interrupting the counting of working days - it goes back to level 3. In the currently valid Corona Ordinance, only the relaxations for level 3 are listed. Levels 1 and 2 are to be included in the next ordinance, which is to apply from May 31 at the latest.

Level 3: Examples of relaxation in individual areas

  • Gastronomy: outdoor catering is allowed to open
  • Tourism: People with a primary or secondary residence are allowed to vacation in Lower Saxony
  • Retail: Openings possible without prior appointment
  • Culture: Outdoor seating events with a maximum of 250 participants allowed

Level 2: Examples of relaxation in individual areas

  • Gastronomy: The indoor area may reopen with restrictions
  • Tourism: Visitors from other federal states are allowed to come
  • Culture: indoor events are possible
  • Sports: outdoor pools are allowed to open
  • Casinos are allowed to open

Level 1: Examples of relaxation in individual areas

  • Gastronomy: Restrictions will be further reduced
  • Culture: Stationary and non-stationary outdoor events are possible after approval has been given
  • Sports: indoor swimming pools are also allowed to open for private use

Behrens: "We are part of the caution team in Lower Saxony"

"We have to be careful so that the incidence doesn't go through the roof again," said Behrens. "We are part of the caution team in Lower Saxony." For this reason, many opening steps should first take place outside and be accompanied by a consistent test strategy. The hygiene measures that have already been practiced must also continue to be observed. In the current Corona regulation, many areas were opened in a first step, said Behrens. For some, the preparation time was too short. Therefore, the step-by-step plan should show people, institutions, companies and facilities in Lower Saxony what prospects there are if the number of infections continues to decline.

Minister of Health: Test capacities are sufficient

The state government is of the opinion that the test capacities in Lower Saxony are sufficient to allow everyone to participate in the possibilities. 480 test facilities were in operation across the country last week. Numerous other test sites have been applied for, plus testing in companies, whereby a certificate of a negative test result can also be used outside the work environment. In addition, retailers can offer tests themselves. "The goal is that we have the chains of infection well under control so that we have a good summer," said Behrens. The sticking point is autumn. You want to be well prepared for this in order not to be confronted again with a drastically increasing number of infections like last year. A good test infrastructure and vaccinations should help. According to Behrens, everyone who wants to be fully vaccinated by autumn.

Goal: A life without prescriptions and a step-by-step plan

In the end, the goal is to be able to abolish the regulation and the phased plan because the incidence is close to zero, said Behrens. "But it will take some time before that happens." At the moment, for example, it is still unclear when the vaccinations should be refreshed.


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