What is liquid potash fertilizer

Liquid potassium special lawn fertilizer "Stressmanager"

Liquid special lawn fertilizer "Stressmanager"

The very popular potassium special lawn fertilizer “Stressmanager” in granulate form is now also available as a liquid fertilizer. The effectiveness of both products is very high, so it is entirely up to your personal preference whether you apply granular or liquid fertilizers.

The liquid potassium fertilizer (so-called potash fertilizer) "Stress manager" Thanks to its high potassium content, it prepares the lawn optimally for heat stress and drought in midsummer, as well as for cold stress and drought in winter. Potassium optimizes the water balance of the grass and the soil and makes the plants more resilient and resistant. In addition, the product contains highly active carbon components. Made from fulvic acids, these improve the absorption of nutrients and energize your lawn by boosting the citric acid cycle. The magnesium it contains supports the formation of chlorophyll and ensures a healthy green color.

Application time: May to June for summer preparation and September to October for winter preparation
Application rate: 100 ml / 100 m²
Mixing ratio: 100 ml in 5 liters of water
Area performance: For up to 1000 m²
Volume: 1 liter

Composition: 3.0% nitrogen (N), 15.0% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) and 2.0% water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO)


We recommend the liquid stress manager if necessary to be applied three times from May to mid-June and three times from September to mid-October with 100 ml / 100 m² each at an interval of 14 days. The lawn is thus optimally prepared for midsummer and winter.

We recommend the Aquamix fertilizer mixer for easy application. For the right mixing ratio, select the 2% setting on the Aquamix and water your lawn for 30 seconds per 100 m² (flow rate 10 liters). If the flow rate for you is different due to higher or lower water pressure, the watering time per 100 m² is also extended or shortened.

Lawn doctor TIP
Before fertilizing for the first time, determine how high the flow rate is in your home. To do this, simply measure the amount of water in a bucket that flows out of the Aquamix within a minute. If you know your flow rate, you can adjust the pouring times according to the local conditions.

Effect of potassium fertilizer in the lawn

Potassium strengthens the cell wall and the reinforced cell walls make the grass plant much more resistant. Under heat stress, the water and nutrient balance is kept at an optimum for longer and in winter the cells reinforced by potassium do not freeze as easily. The guard cell mechanism and the function of the ion channels in the cells is mainly controlled by the potassium concentration. Potassium regulates and optimizes the water balance of the plants throughout the year. The special potassium fertilizer also strengthens the defenses of the grasses against diseases.