How to do masah in the wudu room

How to sneak out of the house

When you get back, try to be just as stealthy.The show isn't over yet folks! Keep all suspicious items (cell phone, wallet, jacket, bag, hat, shoes) in a hiding place in frontthe house - it is very possible that your parents are waiting for you inside. If you've hidden your sleeping clothes in the grill, wonderful! Put them back on. They may think you're crazy, but it can lower your penalty if they don't really know what's going on.
  • Your story is entirely up to you. What suits your personality Is a leisurely stroll sufficient as an alibi? Do you have a tree house or something like that that you might have sneaked to that might mitigate the consequences a bit? If they ask you how you could do something this stupid, say that you are stressed out from an upcoming event, like a test or talent show, etc. You may still get house arrest, but probably significantly less than for sneaking out on one Party, etc.