How to get the giratina ball

Make a psi ball

  • 1

    Learn to move psi! This is easy once you know how to do it, but it may take a while to get the hang of it. The psi sphere is created by moving the psi energy in the form of a small sphere to a desired location. For some, the standard psi ball is slightly larger than a tennis ball and smaller than a grapefruit. However, they can also be made quite large - to reach around the body in the case of a shield, or even larger.

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    Position your hands! You can use a hand or two, you can hold it vertically or horizontally. Just do what feels right! Be careful not to get your hands in a position that tires you and makes you shiver with the effort! Some people find it a little harder to feel the psi when the finders are touching.

  • 3

    Feel the psi move! Visualize psi in your solar plexus! The solar plexus is where your lower ribs meet in the middle; put your hand on your stomach so that your pinky finger is touching your belly button on top! This is the place you want to use. There are many impressions of what Psi looks like, such as water, fire, light ... choose the one that feels right for you! Imagine it in your sternum moving around slowly and try to "feel" your solar plexus as you visualize this! A main chakra is located here.

  • 4

    Move the psi! Visualize it slowly moving up, going up your chest and over your shoulders! Try to feel it! Let it go down to your arms and your hands, let it concentrate there for a while! Bring it back up and then back to your sternum! Do this a few times until you start getting the hang of it!

  • 5

    Make a shell! Get psi from your solar plexus! Instead of letting it focus when you get to your hands, let it flow out of your palms and form a hollow ball! You use this sphere as a cover.

  • 6

    Program the ball and fill it! This means that you are projecting your intentions into the psi ball in order to control its behavior. Simple programming should be to have the psi inside and keep it in one place instead of it flying in any direction. After you have successfully created a shell, you will want to fill it; let the psi flow into the shell! Your psi ball is ready.

  • 7

    Move your psi ball! Just move them like you moved the Psi from your solar plexus! This time, however, it is not in your body. This can take practice; you get better over time.

  • 8

    Experiment with other methods! There are many ways to make Psi Orbs, some people have much greater success doing it in a certain way. The principles are the same; locate your "energy" source, move the psi, then put the psi in one place and use the "energy" you have to create the psi sphere!

  • 9

    Experiment with compression! Make the psi ball the size of a volleyball, and then when you're ready, compress it into a smaller, firmer ball! A lot of people seem to get good results with this.