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(Initiator of the session: local government organizations and Polish nationwide organizations of entrepreneurs - the Union of Polish Metropolises (Unia Metropolii Polskich), the 'Warsaw Metropolis' Association (Stowarzyszenie 'Metropolia Warszawa') and the Entrepreneurship Council)

Debate attended by representatives of the government, local governments and entrepreneurs. Joint action and conditions required to smoothly recover from the crisis, while minimizing its consequences for the economy. How to build the economy's lasting resilience to possible further upheavals?

The necessity of restoring productive dialogue between organizations and local governments and the government. Concrete, situation-specific and jointly implemented solutions for the Polish economy, entrepreneurship and local governments - possibilities and priorities. The pace, directions and expected effects of the process of unfreezing the economy. Tasks for local governments and Polish metropolises in the "restart" period. Business in the reality of the pandemic and recession - needs and challenges. The role of economic local governments. What does the Polish economy need to effectively oppose future upheavals, economic collapses and crises?


  • Adam Abramowicz

    Spokesman for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Rafał Bruski

    Mayor of Bydgoszcz
  • Jadwiga Emilewicz

    Deputy Prime Minister, Ministry of Development
  • Mariusz Gierszewski

    Media Advisor, GDS Strategic Advisory Group, former Radio Zet Journalist
  • Jacek Jaśkowiak

    Mayor of Poznań
  • Jolanta Jaworska

    Vice-President Advocacy, Member of the Management Board ABSL, Director, Public Affairs & Regulatory, IBM
  • Aneta Kaczmarek

    Journalist,, WNP.PL