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How to break the ice on a date - and how definitely not! + Competition


Breaking the ice is one of those things. Once in a situation in which you cannot act eloquently and charmingly, things get tight. What to do?

Vodka Gorbatchow currently has a limited one “Ice Breaker” edition in retail, which I find very cool - even if I don't drink alcohol myself. The bottle is an eye-catcher and has been given the nickname “Ice Breaker”. Goes with the design, no question about it. But how do you really break “the ice”, for example if you want to win over a woman !? Yes OK! You can mark the boss on Tinder, do better than you are online, use the coolest photo and think about topics and sayings in advance, which you can then pull out online. But when it comes to the first date ... it quickly becomes clear that the Internet is also not the best choice to win someone over and break the ice permanently.

How do you solve the problem with the possible lack of communication or the lady you absolutely and urgently want to win over? Sure, you could talk to her now and hope that some anecdote or some topic ignites and the beloved suddenly looks to the side with interest. Anyone who knows women better and has spent a little time with them knows that a sentence, sometimes even just a word, can be too much. Ergo: Maybe it is then easier to be selective and not start chatting and then possibly scare them away forever.

But how do you break the ice?

Pick-up lines are felt to be as old as humanity itself. There are good and bad, nice and charming and clumsy ones, which usually result in exactly the opposite of what actually wanted to be achieved. Disinterest. Rejection. By the way, you can find pick-up lines on the Internet just as often as (bad) jokes or recommendations on how to get rich quickly. In a legal way. Without work. Unfortunately that's the way it is. Conversely, this means that not every website that claims this offers the best sayings for such sensitive situations.

A good example of a nice and rather funny saying in this category would be - in our opinion - this one: "Will you keep me if I run after you all the way home?" The following announcement, however, is a little clumsy and should not please every woman. She's definitely not an icebreaker. “Do you know that there are a lot of men who try to turn a girl on with some sort of saying? I'm completely different! " And in the "Worse almost impossible" category you can find pick-up lines like these two: "Would you tell me your name? Or may I call you “mine” right away? ” or. "I'm from the ADAC and would like to tow you tonight."With the last two things, there should hardly be a chance of an evening together and one of the following nights.

But what are beautiful or creative pick-up lines or what tricks can you use to make your loved one permanently aware of you? Basically, it's not a certain pick-up line or a special trick that ultimately helps you succeed on a date, but the way you present yourself and yourself.

If you act like a superman and act like the world belongs to you, the first sentence can be meant as lovingly and honestly as it wants. If a woman doesn't feel like macho and superman, it's over, sayings like "I don't know who you are, but I would like to know!" or "Hello, I don't think I know you at all!" together with the right facial expressions and gestures, could be more successful.

It is and remains difficult, because the girls also experience a lot of crap when dating. Whether online or in the real world. We recommend the relaxed and honest way of doing things. Be completely yourself and do not play anything to the person you love. You should also avoid sayings like the one above. A true and interesting story here, a nice and funny anecdote there, and complete honesty are the way to a woman's heart. Those who take it to heart also have the chance to win them over for a long time or even forever.

Speaking of winning !! Together with Wodka Gorbatchow we are giving away a total of 3 × 2 bottles of the limited Wodka Gorbatchow “Ice Breaker” Edition.

What do you have to do for it? Not much!

Just write us your best pick-up line or a helpful tip for breaking the ice in the comments of this one Facebook posts. All Fans of our sitewho participate and tell the whole thing to their friends too, are counted at the end. Then three winners will be determined automatically and we will inform you immediately. Wordka Gorbatchow takes care of the shipping for us.

The winners will be notified on December 28, 2018.

For the limited "Ice Breaker" edition we have put together a few dating tips + a competition! All information with us on the site.

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The new and limited “Ice Breaker” edition is currently available in stores. If you want one, you should hurry up. Because there are a lot of people out there who collect such limited editions.

Important: If alcohol is your thing, please drink for enjoyment and don't overdo it!