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Story mission: A damn successful rescue: Safe through Pandora with the complete solution

Story mission: A damn successful rescue

Lilith has been saved, you survived the waves of bandits, and now that you've found Roland's old allies, it's time to save him yourself. After Lilith's rescue (and her pathetic teleportation attempt) you go back to the entrance of the Frostburn Canyon and teleport your best by fast travel to Three Horns Valley (to the gas station with the giant pig).

Lilith contacts you and says you need a vehicle first before you can continue.

Get a vehicle

You can get a mobile stand at all catch-a-ride stations; the next one should be just before the entrance to “Three Horns - Divide”. As soon as you have a car, you can head towards the Bloodshot Fortress.

Infiltrate Bloodshot Stronghold

The entrance is just around the corner, also to be found in Three Horns Valley. Drive a bit to the northwest, then you will approach the marking directly. If you are close enough to the fence that separates the camp from the outside world, Lilith reports and says you should sound the horn. Well then.

Horn at the gate

Stand with the vehicle in front of the fence and press the left stick in so that you can use the horn. This attempt at deception almost works, but at the last moment the bandits realize that it is not one of their cars. Instead of letting you in, loads of psychos hop over the fence and attack you. Flatten them all.

Talk to Ellie

To get a car that the bandits will recognize as one of theirs, you'll need to get in touch with a corpulent woman named Ellie. She has a workshop in the area called The Dust - just moments from here.

Drive right in front of the Bloodshot Fortress and follow the path until you reach the map crossing. Here you come to The Dust (the smeared lettering above the arch also indicates this).

When you arrive in The Dust you listen to the saying of Scooter and then follow the paved road - on the right you can already see a kind of junkyard with a workshop next to it. This is your destination: Ellie's garage. Talk to the fat lady to complete the next objective.

Collect bandit vehicle parts

Ellie says a special Bloodshot truck could get through the gate. She has a vehicle ready that needs to be pimped up with a little bandit decoration. Your new task: collect vehicle parts from the bandits and bring them back.

From this point on, bandit vehicles will spawn in the vicinity of the junkyard (pay attention to the large circle on the minimap that marks the area) that drive back and forth. You have to shoot five of them away, then collect the pieces and bring them to Ellie when you have what the fat woman needs.

The fastest way is if you take a vehicle with you from Ellie, drive around a little and shoot the carts from under the bandits. Pay attention to the large circles on the minimap that mark the places where you should look - including the Old Dahlwell Oasis.

After you have bagged all the parts and attached them to the vehicle in Ellie's workshop, the bandit vehicle is available to you at every catch-a-ride station. This will take you to the fortress.

[Note: With Ellie, if you want, you can directly get the side quest "Positive Self-Image".]

Pass the Bloodshot Gate

You let a bandit technical truck appear at the catch-a-ride station. Take it back to where you failed at the gate earlier and honk so that you can be let in. The gate goes down and unfortunately you have to get out so that you can enter the Bloodshot slums.

Defeat Bad Maw

Inside you clear all attackers out of the way and propose to the big gate. There a giant named Bad Maw jumps towards you, his happy little dwarfs stretched out on his shield. You have to pass it first, then you can enter.

Bad Maw is not a lightweight and should not be underestimated. Use the cover options in the middle to take a breather and flee from the enemy. Protecting is warmly recommended, as are thumping weapons, because they can be used to knock Bad Maw's shield off. At least for a moment.

Pick up the bridge key

You unbutton the fat man's key and lower the bridge at the controls. Now step into the Bloodshot Fortress. Roland's rescue is imminent.

Infiltrate Bloodshot Stronghold and save Roland

In the first room you will find some boxes, tons of ammunition and two vending machines. Then go up the stairs in the back right and you come to a slightly larger, half-flooded room full of nomads and small psychos. Shoot them all down and continue into the northern room.

Again, marauders, psychos and nomads await you, some with thick shields. The room is a little bigger, the enemy supplies more penetrating, but there are also a lot of barrels around. If you have fought your way through, the big gate in the north opens and opens another way.

Follow the course and the corridors to the north. On and on through the factory hall, and be careful: a bandit gun is firing at you. In the long hall you should take advantage of the cover and target the enemies from a distance. Continue north where there is a save point.

You get into a round hall (Satan's Suckhole), Handsome Jack answers again, and the next battle is on. In the rear area you get up a floor via a slope, where other enemies want to know, including nomad torturers and a tough guy named Mad Mike. It's going to be a long fight.

When the air is finally clear, go through the gate Mad Mike came through, and beyond. You come through another flooded room, meet more opponents and make your way further north.

You reach a kind of prison wing, where Roland also sits in front of him in his cell. Before you can free the soldier, numerous psychos, suicidal psychos and other enemies have to be cleared out of the way. Once this is done, go to Roland's cell and follow the cutscene in which robots appear for the first time.

Save Roland

And kidnap Roland without further ado. After the events, follow the path behind the cell and you will come to a larger area where you have to compete against the first robots: GUN Loader, EXP Loader and other metal buckets. Shoot your way through and go to the level transition after "Bloodshot Ramparts".

Reach the W4R-D3N

You are now on the roof. Looks like a kind of dam from up here, and you can enjoy the wonderful view down into the valley. Robots everywhere and Roland is being kidnapped by one of them. If you still need to fill up with ammunition, you will find it at the vending machines. Now fight your way through the area, always following the marking. The bandits will fight the robots on the way and take some of the work off your hands.

Fight your way to the fat Mike figure. Past the save point, through many waves of robots. You reach the point called the Shrine of the Gunbringer. As soon as you get here, a bunch of robots will appear, led by W4R-D3N. Fire-free.

Kill W4R-D3N

A 'Mech sealed off with a sturdy shield that holds Roland imprisoned in an energy cage above itself. Not so easy. Its protective shields take a lot of damage before they dissolve. Acid and corrosive bullets and grenades are recommended. And even with that, it gets tedious because new 'Mechs keep popping up around him. In a co-op group, you definitely have an easier game here.

Note: From that point on, the mission can go differently depending on whether you defeat the W4R-D3N fast enough or not. If you shoot him down on the spot, Roland is freed and helps with the rest of the battle. The mission is then done at this point.

If you take too long, the W4R-D3N recharges its shield over and over again and eventually disappears with Roland. Bad luck. He moves to a Hyperion prison camp and you should follow him. Fast travel gets you out of here.

Optional: Infiltrate the Hyperion prison camp

You can reach the camp from The Dust. Take a vehicle from Ellie and look around a bit to the northeast. The map here shows access to an area called Friendship Gulag. You have to get out of the vehicle a few meters beforehand and then walk to the map crossing,

This is the Hyperion prison camp. At the entrance you can fill up everything possible at the machines. In front of you is the yard of the camp, filled with enemy combat engineers, EXP loaders, gun loaders and many other robots. And there are always new ones coming from orbit.

As usual, acid and corrosive weapons are most likely to help against the tin heads as you fight your way north across the courtyard. There is plenty of cover to take a breather.

Done W4R-D3N

At the end of the day, W4R-D3N is at the fore. Maybe you are much stronger after the first meeting, but even so, the story ends here and now. You should be able to wrestle the miniboss down, and from here Roland will help fight with his gun - around which you will also be healed.

You still have to survive a few enemy waves, then it's done. Complete the mission on Roland and meet him in Sanctuary for the next story mission. Story Mission: A damn successful rescue completed!

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