How to develop ling kong jing teachers

Makes unconditional love: zero point energy

by Abuna Semai

5th May 2017

I often come across a phenomenon that is worth looking at more closely: zero point energy. Other names are also Chi energy, Chi projection, KI, body intelligence, Empty Force, Traveling Force, Ling Kong Jing, Śūnyatā, Kòng / Kū, Suññatā, stong-pa nyid, Gong-seong, Qoγusun, Daya Tolak, Panca Daya, Spetsnaz, Svarga and it belongs to the Nei gong, Inner Power, the inner martial art. Seeing them in action is phenomenal, but can be just as confusing if you are frivolous. If you come across some hints on the web or live, then I look forward to your extensive comments!

Basically this is the living implementation of the Heart Sutra of Buddha, pure unity consciousness, metta bhavana or love in action. “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” The best-known representatives are Lama Dondrup Dorje from the Pathgate Institute with “Qigong”, Master Karl Grunick with “KI & QI” and Serge Polunin with “Svarga”.

I have managed to find some AI or QI trainers who share this art with others - stripped of all secrets. There are only a few teachers worldwide who share their knowledge without long years of training, restrictions or teacher dependencies. After just a few hours of introduction, you will experience the effect for the first time and be able to reproduce it. I am happy about everyone who experiences with these principles the opportunity in their life to elegantly solve the set situations, whether mentally, emotionally or physically.



Companion: Abuna Semai
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Demo videos:


My favorite videos:

Demonstration by Dr. Yeung from 1996

KI / QI seminar in Florida with Karl Grunick

Manipulation of the matrix through the manifestation of love in the zero point field

Energy bubble demonstration

Kungfu Nam Huynh Dao

russian spetsnaz secret techniques

94 Years Old BaGua Wisdom

94 Years Old BaGua Wisdom 2

The other channel videos are also worth watching.

Ki Power demonstration

Kozo Nishino sensei :: Ki demonstration & training ::

Qigong - energy (chi) and willpower
But this is not a “weapon” as named in the original film title 😉

Self-defense with the power of thought

Qi Gong Master in San Francisco

The Wondrous World of Chi Power

Qigong Empty Force

Chi power demonstration

Psychic power, Taichi Chen vs Tekondo, Kung fu


Older Videos:

Qigong master projecting his chi energy

John Chang

Physical Use of Chi Energy, Demonstrated by John Chang, QiGong Master

Qigong master projecting his chi energy part 2

Kiai Master vs MMA

Thanks to Thomas for the tip!

Jack Hogan puts student K.O. contactless

Wa-Jutsu - Ki projection by Jacques-Jean Quéro

Qigong Master Emits Heat From Hand 200+ degrees

Extraordinary people - Iceman

Legendary qigong master

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Japanese Qigong (kikou) doctor Kanzawa - Amazing!

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