Chicken run, what a cake


German [edit]

Alternative forms [edit]

  • f. (abbreviation)
  • in front (obsolete)
  • For (nonstandard spelling)

Etymology [edit]

From Middle High Germanvür, from Old High Germanfuri.

Pronunciation [edit]

Preposition [edit]

For(+ accusative)

  1. for
    The gift is For you.
    The present is for you.
  2. in favor of, in support of
    I am For the first option.
    In the in favor of the first option.
  3. by the standards of
    For you speak German very well with a foreigner.
    For a foreigner, you speak German very well.
  4. on behalf of
    My lawyer will For answer me.
    My lawyer will answer to that on my on behalf.
  5. kind / type of
    What For a cake is that?
    What kind of cake is this?
  6. (informal) instead of
    For I've now taken the pants off the skirt.
    Instead of the trousers [which I chose not to buy], I took the skirt.
  7. (colloquial, nonstandard) in order to (with to and infinitive)
    Synonym: around
    Papa fetches the tools For to repair the washing machine.
    Daddy is getting his tools in order to repair the washing machine.

Derived terms [edit]

Vilamovian [edit]

Pronunciation [edit]

Noun [edit]

For f

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