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On the draft of a 4th Civil Protection Act

The group of authors on thesis papers is adding a second ad hoc statement to its previous seven papers, which is expressed in a detailed analysis of the planned legislative procedure:

The “Emergency Brakes Act” is constitutionally and politically highly problematic. It links the entry of z. In some cases serious encroachments on fundamental rights disproportionately to a politically arbitrary and also uncertain “threshold value”, which is unsuitable as a control value and can also be influenced by the new tests. The law shortens legal protection, reduces it to judicial review complaints or (limited) constitutional complaints and completely excludes administrative legal channels, which actually represent indispensable legal protection for citizens for these encroachments on fundamental rights. The federalist principle is disavowed and any approach of differentiated measures to combat pandemics is excluded.

The analysis is available for download here.

Contact: Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Schrappe

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