Qmv7a tablet how to transfer pictures

Connect tablet to PC: It's that easy


If you are using an Android tablet or iPad, it can often be useful to quickly transfer data from your PC to the device or to send files from the tablet to the computer. This can be done with or without a cable and only takes a few steps.

Android: Connect the tablet to the PC

To connect your Android tablet to the PC, all you need is a USB cable, which is usually supplied with your tablet.
  1. Connect the USB cable to both the tablet and the computer that is switched on.
  2. The drivers for the tablet are automatically updated on the PC as soon as it is recognized. So wait a moment.
  3. You can then use Windows Explorer to browse the folders and files on your tablet. To do this, click on the folder symbol in your system tray on the PC and access the removable disk in "This PC".
  4. The tablet is also charged via the USB cable.
If the tablet is not recognized, you can try the steps in this guide. There may also be a defect such as a broken cable on the USB cable or the slots for the connection.

Connect iPad to PC: Here's how

If you have an iPad, connect it using a USB cable as you can read in the instructions above. You can also use iTunes to manage your device. This makes it even easier for you to transfer photos, music and videos or to synchronize your contacts. Your tablet is also automatically recognized in iTunes and you can access the device.

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