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It is difficult to understand
that people without any sense
stubborn, day after day in the rut
go the way of the great lie.

The burden of lies is heavy -
man becomes small and crooked -
completely blind and stupid out of fear -
no longer sees a way out.

Which is so tangible
he just has to finally dare
to speak the truth out loud
who always wins in the end.

What are you waiting for, get ready
to serve justice.

Ursula Haverbeck, November 5, 2018

On January 25, 2019 the International Robert Faurission Prize for 2019 was awarded to Ursula Haverbeck: https://freiheit-fuer-ursula.de/2019/02/07/preisverleihung-in-frankreich-ursula-haverbeck-erhaelt- international-robert-faurission-award /

Attorney Wolfram Nahrath - who has already represented Ms. Haverbeck in countless legal proceedings - accepted the International Robert Faurission Prize on his behalf. In his laudation, Mr. Nahrath stated that it is a great honor to accept the award on behalf of his client.

The full laudation is given as follows:
(Legal notice: The editorial team does not adopt the content of the eulogy sent to us.)

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! High Committee!
Michele Lady Renouf, Maestro Fallisi, Honorable Mr. Nichols!

It is a great honor for me to be able to accept the award on behalf of and on behalf of my client.

My client, Ms. Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel, who had her 90th cradle celebration last year, is not prevented from traveling to Vichy because she cannot do so because of her age or because she is frail.

No, because of two final judgments in the Federal Republic of Germany, she has been in prison for over 3½ years since last year. More years may be added as a number of other lawsuits are pending against you. So it is not a distant prognosis that she will ultimately sit in prison for life, die in captivity.

The world will wonder what a terrible, dangerous criminal my client is, who continues to commit crimes in old age and with constant criminal energy. Is she the godmother of a mafia-like structure in organized crime? Has she robbed, killed, injured, cheated, stolen, abused children, trafficked drugs or people?

No she did not. With reference to the rights of freedom of opinion, free speech, research and her personal rights, she has spoken or written questions and statements about a very special event in time and space in public and brought others to lecture or to read and study given. So what? - you will ask yourself, in the freest constitutional state that has ever existed on German soil, you don't end up in prison for years! But this is exactly what happened and is happening to the award winner.

Ms. Haverbeck-Wetzel originally came from the humanistic camp and was active as an environmentalist for years.

But it is not just about any story, but about the history of an organized, mass, industrially, in particular with poison gas, extermination of people, predominantly of Jewish origin throughout Europe up to 1945, carried out by government order of the Third Reich In the course of time a symbolic figure of six million.
Denying, approving or playing down this occurrence has been a criminal offense in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1994 and can lead to imprisonment of up to 5 years for each individual violation. The law allows adults to be imprisoned for up to 15 years.

I do not intend to give you a lecture here on political criminal law in Germany and other countries. Nevertheless, let me have a few thoughts.

The Federal Republic of Germany, whose Basic Law is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, has managed without such a criminal provision for over 40 years and without pogroms or other persecutions against Jewish people.

It took 10 years for this law to go through the German Bundestag after only a few people had been constantly digging around. It was rejected for 10 years - because of massive concerns about its compatibility with fundamental and human rights. The few, but many among them - I will call them merchants here - have asserted themselves using all means.

Even after its anchoring in German criminal law, important constitutional lawyers, including former judges at the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, opposed this provision. Celebrities, also from the so-called “victim people”, criticized the regulation and called for its abolition, some of them even completely denied the “Holocaust”.

Vain. The provision is still in the Criminal Code to this day and has put a large number of people behind bars. The same goes for the award winner, who also received no grace due to her age. Just a few days ago she, who no longer has any close relatives - they are all already dead - was refused to visit the grave of her deceased husband, the well-known humanist Werner Haverbeck, in order to worship him there for the New Year.

Dear Sir or Madam, I am speaking of the Federal Republic of Germany - and not of a despotic small state anywhere in the world!

I am convinced that that criminal provision of Section 130 (3) of the Criminal Code in its history and with regard to the motivation for its inclusion in the Criminal Code is a blatant breach of the prerequisite for every criminal norm, according to which the behavior of a person in our legal hemisphere is only punished should, if there is a criminal reason, i.e. the aim pursued with the punishment is also legitimate. Such legitimacy does not even begin to exist for Section 130 (3) StGB.
The fundamental question arises: Why am I not allowed to argue about historical events? Who benefits from such a ban? In any case, not the rights of freedom!

I myself was born in 1963. I did not experience this happening and was brought up in school and university to question everything, to discuss everything. That was the creed of that time. During my school and university days, it was still allowed to contest as I pleased without being punished. Bans on thinking and speaking, bans on books and writings, on the other hand, were sacrilege against civil liberties - and still are today!

Such prohibitions make only one thing to thinking, interested people:


The right to free development of the personality also includes contributing to historical events with one's opinion and convictions in conflict and in contrast to others in the legal community and to inform oneself about such freely and unhindered in order to gain one's own convictions.

After all, it is an individual's own personal right to defend the community to which he belongs - that is, his people - against serious and most serious accusations of guilt.

He may therefore try to eliminate the accusation of genocide committed by members of his people as a historical event, i.e. a historical flaw, or to raise doubts about it. If he is not allowed to do this - under threat of years of imprisonment - it makes you mentally ill.

To see oneself confronted with punitive prohibitions on thinking, obtaining information, research and expressing opinion in connection with a very special historical event, being forced to remain silent because of the sensitive punishment to be expected, if one has gained other opinions out of conviction, is a compulsion which can lead to immediate and severe personality crises, but in any case violates the free development of the personality. Such a compulsion is completely alien to today's legal system.

This is especially true, as I want to emphasize again, if you want to defend your own people and their history against the most serious accusations.

I allow myself to evaluate this law briefly:

It is a law born from a religion of the book! And I fundamentally reject such a right.

I ask for your forgiveness that, as a defense lawyer, I was unable to save Ms. Ursula Haverbeck from prison.

Dear Sir or Madam, High Committee!

The award of this prize for the first time shows the generosity of its founders and the will for peace in freedom! What is special about this first prize winner, however, is that she is German. A woman from the so-called perpetrator people. A noble lady, full of joie de vivre, full of laughter, full of goodness and full of courage!

If not before:

With the award of this award she is ennobled. On the soil of France, by people from peoples who had to fight bitter and bloody wars with Germany not only once in history, ennobled as a German fighter for the rights of freedom!

This is a special and high honor for me and my battered, downcast but so beloved German people.

On behalf of the laureate, I thank you, High Committee, from the bottom of my soul.

A sign that gives hope for freedom and peace.

Wolfram Nahrath

(Found at https://www.freiheit-fuer-Ursula.de)