What does bcf stand for in gas


Flow sensor

  • Measuring medium air, gas, water
  • Wide measuring range of the flow rate
  • Drinking water suitable with WRAS and KTW approval
  • Compact design
  • Individual adjustment of the pulse rate for different applications
  • High signal accuracy

Level sensor

  • Compact design
  • Exact level measurement
  • 2.5 snap-in connection

Pressure sensor

  • Pressure measurement with membrane and Hall sensor principle
  • Robust structure
  • Different variants of measuring range, output signal, supply voltage and mechanical and electrical connection
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Customer-specific programmable output signal characteristic curve

3D sensor

  • Contactless magnetic distance sensor
  • Simultaneous detection of three spatial directions
  • Precise load and unbalance measurement

Pressure sensor

  • Measurement of pressure, filling level and flow by means of differential pressure
  • Integrated temperature compensation, programmable output curve
  • Three programmable switching outputs possible
  • Analog, frequency or PWM output signal
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