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David Icke

Bill Ryan (BR): I'm Bill Ryan from Project Avalon, and the date is ... and I'll say that again, let me start over. I want to tell you what you can maybe do, can't you even do this hand-clapping procedure? ...

David Icke (DI): Yes, of course. Well, I can clap one and a half times [laughs]

BR: That's what it sounds like when a hand and a half clap. [laughs]

DI: Yes, yes ... [claps his hands twice]

BR: Very good, okay. Very nice. So.

DI: I have the softest clap in the world. I have to do it like this [claps the heels of my hands]

BR: [laughs] You have to remind me. At some point those idiots on YouTube got it that you have arthritis and therefore you can't really shake hands, right? [laughs] We should demonstrate that in this video ...

DI: Yes, that's a ...

BR: like ... like listen, we make an effort to ...

DI: That's a Masonic handshake, ladies and gentlemen ... [laughs]

BR: ...... We try to shake hands here ...

DI: ... it's a Masonic handshake between -eh, Masons who have rheumatoid arthritis on their hands, you know, it's one, it's an old tradition….

BR: ... Aaah ...

DI: ... goes back to Babylon. [They both laugh]

BR: Well, I'm Bill Ryan from Project Avalon, and the date is May 19th, 2010. And even now, I can't quite believe we're in 2010 already. You know, David, you have to look back sometimes and think, "My God, it was last in 1990. Time is accelerating." Do you feel that way sometimes?

DI: It feels like that to me all the time, Bill. In 1990, when I was just having my conscious awakening experience and began to question one seer after the other, who all only repeatedly confirmed this to me in their information, one of the first things I discovered was something I did the truth vibrations called. In fact, that's the name of the first book I ever wrote on these subjects Truth vibrations .

And it was - and, my goodness, nothing of it to be seen at the time, to say the least - a vibrational change took place as it came about, and the purpose was to a) break the thick veil, who kept people in bondage, in collective coma if you will, and people wake up and see themselves and the world in a different light; and the other was that she would bring to light everything that had been hidden.

And then, you know how we know: 1990, are you kidding? Not a trace of it. But look around now, it is incredible , the number of people around the world waking up to a new version of themselves and the world. And, my goodness, how much information has surfaced that wasn't there 20 years ago? How many? Not ten years ago, or five years ago, it's an exponential curve.

And an interesting aspect of it, which I also felt in those early days, was a sentence I got from a medium, namely: In the end, time goes by so quickly, it will be terrifying. Because time and space - for me at least - are not true, the we know that they are an artificial structure.

If you take a computer floppy disk that contains information and is programmed with certain data and put it in the computer, then this computer reads this data and takes this, if you want, digital plane, information plane, and apparently puts it on the monitor as time and space. And do that we, and the left hemisphere picks up the information and lets it flow.

And the faster it runs, the faster time seems to pass and vice versa. And that's why when people, as Einstein said: when you sit in the dentist's waiting room, the process is not very fast - [mumbles:] Oh my goodness ... human ... gone ... mmm. . And another time, I think in his example you are in the presence of a beautiful woman, and "ssshhhh" [makes a forward movement] is the process is really fast.

And the situation seems to be that as we move from an era of oppression to an era of expansion and enlightenment and awareness, this energetic shift is such that it affects the way we experience reality break down; the way we decode the sequence seems to be profoundly affected.

And I said in an article the other day was there April? did we have march? If so, why did I miss it? Because it seems to me, it's just extraordinary, like Christmas ... what, w ... when was Christmas? I mean two years ago? I mean it's just amazing what's going on now.

BR: That awakening you're talking about, you saw this with your own eyes just a few days ago at Brixton Academy when you gave your big new introductory presentation after the release of your new book. And that's why this interview is of course also scheduled at this point, because - let me speak to the audience at this point: David has a considerable amount of new information, and in Brixton you have for the first time that you have your eight - or were there nine - Hours deducted? We are talking about…

DI: I only spoke for eight hours, yes.

BR: That was quite a big event, and you told me the other day that you were totally amazed at how you were received by these people while you were standing in front of empty chairs 15 years ago. Things have changed, haven't they?

DI: Oh, it's extraordinary. I ... I ... you know when I started, 20 years ago, despite, you know, not just the mockery, the massive mockery, but when I started walking around talking about things - of course, I knew a lot less than now, like all of us - but it was like banging your head against the wall, you know. I always put the chairs up, nobody came in the end, and then I talked to empty chairs and a few people, and then I put the chairs back and went home. And that's it, the night was eaten.

And you thought: No chance, it won't lead to anything. But you know, as we all know: something is pushing you on. Something deep is driving you: "Carry on, carry on". And you think, oh what for? - "Go on".

And, in the last ten years in particular, I may have started to really get about 15 more, but then ten and then five because the curve goes like this [pointing up] it's just amazing my friend I mean all over the world, no matter what culture you come into - of course some are more downtrodden and therefore more narrow-minded than others but - all over the world, it's extraordinary, you know.

What I received in 1990 about these truth vibrations, this awakening, this ... the way the energetic shift would break through this thick wall that keeps us in bondage and ignorance: it is happening now.

And, you know, you go through the years and you think, you know, everything is just bad and all that, and when you look at what becomes of society, when you watch the news on TV and read the papers, then you could you think that this Orwell-esque, global fascist communist - the same, just a different name - dictatorship, this Orwellian global state, is basically a done deal because it moves right, really fast, but ...

And if you only approach it from the level of the five senses and you only see what your waking consciousness can see and grasp, then I can completely understand why people see it that way. I fully understand why there are so many, you know, investigators in the five-sensory plane of conspiracy who just go about it [pulling their hair] We can't do anything!

But there is something because that ... the world is not what we imagine it to be. There are other forces at work. This so-called physical, solid reality is not physical and solid at all, it is fluid. It doesn't seem to be, but it is. And because it has this fluidity behind the apparent stiffness and firmness and immobility, it means that this level of reality can change very, very quickly.

You see, when people think this - I totally understand because thinking gives us this ... view of reality - when we think that the physical world has to change when you change physical things, then you have to deal with time scales To make changes that are simply enormous - at least the way we perceive time - because that is how it is in the so-called fixed world.

But when you realize that this so-called solid world is actually just a holographic projection and the true basic reality of this universe is vibrating information in wave form, then the speed with which the world can suddenly change takes on dramatically different proportions. For example, if you had a computer monitor and you had to physically change that monitor or what is on it. I mean, where do you fucking start? But the computer monitor is a projection of information onto a floppy disk. Okay, I want to change that, okay: disk out, reprogram, press enter, disk in - Wooooow! Another world.

And what is happening now, as part of this whole truth vibration transformation, is that the information structure of the universe is changing - and it is a circle, and the ancient peoples also spoke of the circular character of time. And that, that is for me, Bill, - I can only speak, you know, when I talk like that, from where I come from and what I have found through my research; people must of course draw their own conclusions, that is just and right - but the ancient peoples spoke of the circular nature of time, and that is true. It's like a cosmic game.

And we go through different epochs - what the Indian culture calls Yugas and other peoples around the world have different names for it - where this cycle goes through times of great expansion, what the ancients called the Golden Age. And it goes through periods of oppression when things are very different and there are big challenges, and that is when control systems come in and everything else, and then there are others that bring that back to where we started and the whole sequence starts all over again.

It is an interactive computer game - in the simplest way - in that we take information from the game, as the computer takes information from the floppy disk and displays it on the monitor, but we also make our unique contribution to the game, as is the case with the Internet. So it's an interactive game: we give and we take in it.

And it seems right to me in a very emphatic way that I am going all the way back to the truth vibrations that entered my life 20 years ago, or in any case becoming conscious that we are now moving away from a period of oppression - I believe , no one needs to be convinced of that - and move into a period of much greater expansion of consciousness, expansion of awareness, away from fear and insecurity.

And uncertainty is the key to understanding why people want control: when people want control, or some other entity, whatever we call it, want control over others, control over - not the power to express one's own life, but power over the experience of others, and that is what we are talking about in the control system - then that is always, always, always the manifestation of deep insecurity.

So the control system is controlled by insecure people. And we are coming out of this period and we are at a crossroads, which is why it is all really difficult, because we are now in the stage where a tug-of-war is taking place, symbolically and literally in many ways, between the energetic structure of these Control - the suppressed epoch, if you will - and the point where it merges into this other.

And so we have a situation where the control system is desperately trying to hold on to the power it had during this period and the truth vibrations, this energetic awakening - which give us a whole new level of information to tap into and therefore manifest a different world - they are at this tug of war, this crossroads. And every minute, and every year, according to our understanding of time, that goes by, this truth vibrational level of consciousness will be forced upon itself as the norm.

And that's why I say that the control system has come to an end. I am incredibly optimistic. It's a case of not [in a squeaky voice], It's over, it's over, so I'm sitting here doing nothing because it's over. It's not like that. We are an expression of these energies and so we must attune ourselves to them, follow their lead, follow their inspiration, whatever, and express them on the level of the reality of the five senses.

It's not about just sitting there and letting it happen. We make a choice here: Do we want to flow with this new current of massive expansion and freedom and a potential of unimaginable proportions compared to our reality here, or will we try to capture the world in which we have lived up to now, the ' Control and oppression 'and' winners and losers 'and' a few people have to have, so a lot of people have to lose '' and all that stuff. Because that's the choice we make, that's the fork in the road.

And for the people who hold on to this energy, this reality, there are going to be some very difficult times - everyone, of course, because we are in this epoch of change - but really difficult times because they bind their consciousness, they bind their understanding reality to an energetic structure that is in agony.

And when you bring it back, Bill, to the control system that we are disclosing and that is manifesting more and more or is trying to manifest more and more, then that is an absolute, hundred percent, holographic manifestation of that energetic structure of the old age. Therefore it has to fall when the energetic structure falls. When I take the floppy disk out of the computer, the image the computer creates from the information must go black. It must be empty. Because the information structure that created that is no longer there, and that's where we're going.

And like I said, we have some difficult times ahead of us because we are in this bumpy period of the middle of the crossroads, the transformation, but, my goodness, our children and grandchildren do not live their entire lives in a control system according to which it is looks so much right now, and it will look like that for a few more years. But it all comes down.

It is a great time to be alive. Very wonderful time to be here, to see oppression and restriction replaced by expansion and infinite potential. A wonderful, wonderful time, as challenging as it is.

BR: What I like about the way you explain this is that it matches perfectly - some viewers may recognize that - with the theoretical work of a British physicist named David Bohm, B-O-H-M. He described exactly what you are talking about as the implicit order and the explicit order of reality.

DI: Yes, right, yes.

BR: Have you heard of it before?

DI: Yes, yes.

BR: And the way in which the explicit reality is to be changed, which corresponds to what is expressed in our apparent physicality, is that this implicit reality is behind it all. And of course, high-tech ETs, sophisticated spirits, or rogue spirits or evil spirits who don't want to know what they're there, so they play around with the implicit reality and then the results are like metaphorical projections on the wall, on the explicit reality, and that's about what you're saying. So I wanted to connect these ends because you're not talking nonsense; this is recognized by quantum physicists around the world.

DI: So that's an interesting point, Bill. I mean, maybe I could explain something I have in the new book, Human Race Get off Your Knees, that has to do with what I say about the control system, how it came out, determines the control system in time, in that we look back and recognize.

I am saying that there was a time when this planet, this reality, was in what the ancients called the Golden Age - I believe there is indeed a Golden Age Yuga in the Indian Hindu faith. [Note: This yuga is called the Satya Yuga.] And that is a time of great expansion and connection. And so, from the perspective of life now, in so-called physical bodies, we could perceive the true, totally different nature of what this epoch expresses, where you are in this world, but not from it, seen from your observation point.

You experience this world, but you know that you are experiencing this world. You are not in this world and you think this world is all you are, you are there. You are at the point where you look at the world and experience it as soon as you are "in", in quotation marks, but you have observation points, points where you understand, in the higher areas of consciousness that give you a completely different point of reference this reality gives.

For example, you are sitting in a house and all the windows are closed - which is basically symbolic of how people were during the period we went through - then you can think that the world and everything is in that house. But you open a window when you move away from your observation point, not only from the house, but from much higher levels of observation - because of this connection between the level of experience and higher levels of consciousness - suddenly you realize that the house is on a street! And then you go out into the street and you realize that the street is in a residential area, the residential area in a city, the city in a district, the district in a country - Hey! I am ... I am on a planet! And then you look out at the stars ...

And ... but all of that has always been there while you were sitting in your room with the windows closed and thinking this was all there was [hides his face in his hands]. So this, the Golden Age, where people knew we were all one consciousness, I mean, meant that the conflict, the separation, the competition, this I have to win, I have to get to the top of this greasy rod that Sensation of separation between us, of isolation between us, not manifesting in these times of expansion and comprehension. We recognize that we are a single consciousness that has different points of observation, which we give different names.

BR: To deviate briefly: that was beautifully portrayed in the film Avatar that you wrote ...

DI: Yes, absolutely correct. You see, I think ... I am not saying what James Cameron was trying to say or was trying to express symbolically through the film, I don't know, I can tell you what it symbolized for me. And, that's actually an important point, because it has to do with where I want to go with this.

What the manifestation of the Golden Age, expansion of consciousness is within this time loop - which is not really a loop, we may come back to it later - is information, an expanded level of information within the structure of this reality, which we code through holographic experience break through, and it's a very different holographic experience than the one we had before and that we have now, because the information structure is very different from the one we are decoding now.

What I say in the book is: something happened in this reality to create what I call a schism, a split. This split was a distortion in the information structure. And that distortion changed everything. One of the things that happened ... because, I keep coming back to it, it's so important in my eyes: if we always think in physical terms - and physical is what it seems to be, physical - then we lose the plot, the storyline, because that's not how it is.

This is a holographic illusory apparently three-dimensional reality, but it is not solid: we decipher it that way, but it is basically not solid. It is the information structure that is interpreted into it, and if you therefore again, not even the analogy, take the principle of the holograms, then you have on a holographic print ... information in wave form.

If you look at a holographic print, it looks almost exactly like a fingerprint - well, that's no coincidence either - and then they bombard the holographic waveform with the laser beam, information, and this creates this seemingly three-dimensional holographic shape, depending on the situation what was photographed, what information the print contains And so you have the information structure, the waveform, and you have the manifestation, the holographic manifestation from the waveform, and that is the image, the person, the box, apple, depending on the situation what you photographed.

So when scientists say, Uh, how could something exist as a waveform and a particle at the same time? It's because they DO! If you look at a holographic figure, a holographic illusory three-dimensional figure, the information structure does not disappear from what has manifested itself, and the holographic figure stands alone: ​​they both stand together! They are different forms of the same thing. One is the information, the other is the deciphered information.

So what I mean by that, in terms of the sequence I'm talking about, is when this information structure was deformed in what I ... let's call it the Golden Age, then this distortion had to be in the deciphered holographic world manifest. And how that happened was through massive, enormous, catastrophic geological events. And they are recorded in reports, ancient reports, and legends all over the world. They talk about great volcanic earthquake disasters, they talk about the earth turned and whatnot, and all over the world they agree on the way they do it and tell these stories.


And then there are people who have done their research from a scientific point of view - geological, biological - recently, and they have discovered that these ancient stories are reflected in biological and geological records.

So what happened when this distortion took place in the energetic information waveform structure is that it got through and also manifested in the holographic reality, like ... so, I mean, the Bible version of that is the deluge, but I believe there were many of those things, not just one, but definitely catastrophic. The second thing that happened is that it created divisions, distortions in the human personality.

Because this harmony, this connection, this all in harmony and connection with everything else - brilliantly symbolized, as you say, by the blues in the movie Avatar - this distortion put an end to that. It put an end to the harmony of the planet itself, the geological [unclear] catastrophes, but it broke the personality of man, that harmony was broken.

And then we got into all these different emotional states ... distortions (again: distortion here - distortion there), what we see is: all of these distortions, the fear that is a distortion, and other low-vibrating emotional states like worry, fear , and frustration, anger, hatred, conflict. All of this started to manifest.

And we are now at a time, I would suggest, where this distortion is being healed, from these truth vibrations, from this energetic shift. Well, that is fundamental to the control system because the control system in all its forms is a manifestation of the bias!

If the distortion is not there, the control system cannot manifest itself because within a harmonious, balanced information structure things like control over, hunger, famine, war, hatred, torture, satanic rituals, pedophilia, all that stuff cannot manifest themselves. These are all manifestations of distortion.

And if that bias is healed ... and what happens, Bill, I would say - I keep saying this, but I'm not telling people what to believe, I'm just saying what I feel - people wake up and say: Why hadn't I seen this before? They are the ones who open their mind and thereby get a faster vibration, the narrow mind, the density breaks when one opens one's mind to other possibilities - they are the ones who tune into the information structure that comes in, the truth vibrations, what i call them.

And those who are still in the control system and support it, those are those who are still narrow-minded and at this point in time are still attached to this old, dense epoch of experience of the low vibrations. And so, as I said before, once this distortion is healed, the manifestation must fall! Because this information structure is deleted from the system.

And so we don't see ... it might sound weird, but when you think about it, I don't think it is. We now see the control system at the forefront of its harassment. It seems to be moving faster and faster, more Orwell-esque laws and all the rest. More and more control, they want the microchips for the people, that's the way they're going, the agenda. Our children - adults too, but especially our children - are specifically selected for electrochemical distortions, in the sense of chemical additives in food and beverages and cell phones, microwave ovens, and electromagnetic soup from all of electromagnetic technology.

And that is what we are being bombarded with right now - I would suggest it may be controversial - not to give the control system more power, but to defend the power it has already received from these vibrations of truth.

The old way of controlling people can no longer ... where people just keep sleeping [makes snoring noises] ... you don't need to do too much! You don't need to do too much now: you are in control, you are in control of the resources, you are in control of this and that, and in peace you can now energetically graze humanity, in terms of resources and everything that humanity can participate in to be their slaves without knowing it - which of course is the greatest form of slavery, being a slave without knowing it.

But because of these vibrations of truth, and because they can see the timeline, the time loop as we may perceive it, they could foresee some of it. And that's why they focused on this period to throw everything at us, to keep us from being profoundly, profoundly influenced by this Truth-vibration transformation, because if we allow it, someone mimics who looks outside from a narrow angle ], then it's game over.

And that's why for me the amazing synchronicity between this change in vibration and the waking up of people, and this bombardment of complex, multi-dimensional, immensely detailed compulsions - mental, physical, emotional - that they exert on humanity in order to suppress and control us, these two have melted together here because that is going to give us freedom and that is trying to keep that from happening. No chance.

But what that will do is make the transformation bumpier and more challenging than it would be without these efforts to stop it. Cannot be stopped. The one here thinks that it is the irresistible power, the immovable object. Is not it.
This is the irresistible force, and it is going to experience some real shocks in the next couple of years up to 2016, 2017, maybe a little longer, - definitely in my lifetime - where we see this apparently impenetrable, unstoppable control system rise; when we see it go down - for it's a house of cards.

Why? Because the energetic information structure that has held the house of cards together, passively manifesting as human indifference and ignorance - fundamental to holding it together - that works. And that is why the house of cards has to collapse. I'm sorry men. That's the way it is.

BR: What was the new information that you recently presented at the Academy in Brixton?

DI: Well, that was a lot. I worked, well, really months on this presentation because it was really a new period in my life and I'm going with it all over the place this year: Europe and America and stuff.

Maybe I could just explain how I've put this information - whatever people make of it - together over the years. It was very easy and a recurring theme. It just repeated itself as I went through the levels of understanding.

And when - as we discussed the last time I talked to you, Bill - I talked about what happened to me when I went to the medium in 1990, when I felt for about a year that because someone or something was with me, and when I was alone in a room I was not alone. And that came more and more and finally ... long story short, I went to a medium for the first time in my life and she started, after two visits, on the third visit she started to get this stuff, this figure in my head and she said: I am told to tell you certain things, that I would be on the world stage and that I would reveal great secrets.

And I ... you know me: I was doing snooker and the sport on the BBC at the time. And I was the country spokesperson for the Green Party and all that, but I'm about to take the world stage and reveal great secrets ... I mean, you know ... what? But something in me, beyond the conscious level, said: You do that. You do that. Come on, do that! Do that!

But anyway, what I'm getting at is: among these messages that I was given in 1990 was: He will say things and wonder where they come from. It will be our words. Sometimes we will instill knowledge in him. Sometimes he is led to knowledge. And there was another, a little later: you don't have to search hard. Everything was organized a long time ago - in the spirit of those words. All he has to do is follow the clues.

So, as you know, there is a famous ad in the UK that has been around for a couple of years, and the punch line is: It follows exactly the directions on the can. Well, all I can say about them, whoever they are at any level of disembodied consciousness, is that they followed exactly what they said on the can.

And what has happened over the years is that - actually right from the start - I got an insight out of the blue that something is the way it is. And then the information comes through the five senses. For example, I meet someone who raises this topic and I get information about it. All of a sudden I see a book about this information. I have an information-related experience. I come across documents. I may see something on the internet about this information.

But it's not like a week, a month, two months, three months. It's a concentrated sequence. And I have learned over the years that ... to follow it and to recognize it, which is not difficult because it is gaining more and more strength and the time gap is getting smaller.

And the reptilian thing started that way. I was beginning to gain insight into the fact that, not necessarily reptiles, but that there was a non-human element involved. And at that time I traveled around America for about fifteen days, speaking in different places, and meeting twelve different people who told me about reptilian beings and their experiences with them. And this is how it works, and then it goes on. So when I came across the new information, it was exactly the same.

I started writing this book from the early part ... maybe around March 2009, though much of it stopped when I was traveling around. And I don't know, a month, two months on, I sat down to write that day and the energy in the room changed. And I thought: I know that. I recognize that again. The energy in the room changed. There was a change in vibration. You could feel it The atmosphere changed - a simple way of putting it - I recognize that.

And then what I got when that happened is, the basis, the first topic was: the moon is not real. Of course there is more to know about whatever came, but the moon is not real, the moon is not what you believe. And I think ... the moon is not what you think it is. Well, I've had a hunch or two about it over the years. A little idea, you know, of the moment. But then it's gone. It never went anywhere.

And so I thought: the moon is not real. So, I put in a few search terms in NetFind, and I wasn't expecting enough to find anything. And within a minute, two minutes, I don't know, even less, I suppose, at the speed of Google and such, what's coming is a book called Who built the Moon built the moon?] by two researchers who have written other books. Who built the Moon? I mean, you know what a wonderful title for what I just got here: the moon is not real.

And I read it. I had it sent and read it straight away. And, I'm not saying every little thing in the book, or everything but the last thing about any book, is one hundred percent. I mean, jesss, we're trying to reveal great secrets and not the least bit secrets that don't want to be revealed, or at least people who don't want us to reveal them. So, so you know, I'm not saying every single word in every book is one hundred percent; of course not. That's not how things are. But I was really, really impressed with the way they showed the anomalies, the very weird, inexplicable ones about how ... so, first of all, about how the moon was created.

When I started reading about the scientific explanations ... And that's the next one, you know. So many scientific theories become, by repetition: so it was, scientific fact. And then you say: Wait a second. Scientific fact? Let's go back here ... Hey! It's a theory!

And I came across the Big Whack theory about how the moon was made. And that is that a Mars-like planet hit the earth, came off a large chunk of the earth and became the moon. And then, as I followed up on that, I read that because the physics and so on - the science part - didn't work out, they then changed that up a bit, so the planet hit Earth and then came back and tried again.

And I thought, Well, that's freaking convulsive.

- I give it to you. Should I do it again?

- yeah

- Okay, here you have it. Here is the moon now. Do you see what you've done now?

And the fact that the moon is much bigger than it should be than an earth satellite, that its position and its geometry, geometrical and mathematical relationship, especially between the earth and the sun, is very, very impressive and “what?”. And the fact that there is evidence that the moon is hollow - largely hollow. I think it's made up of parts.

And then I came across - a lot of people may have come across it earlier, it's all very concentrated - the two scientists from the Russian, Soviet Academy of Sciences who, I believe, wrote and meant an article in Sputnik Magazine in the 1970s have that the moon is a construction, a hollow one ... not necessarily a total construction, but a hollowed out planetoid. Again: hollowed out. And that a very advanced, extraterrestrial non-human, as you always want to call it, life form, technologically advanced, had built this construction.

And they describe in great detail how they think it is constructed. And if you see how they understand the construction, anomalies are addressed where science says: What? As one scientist said, the only thing that can really be said about the moon is its observable error; he shouldn't be there as he is.

For example, one of the things the scientists said is that on the outside of the moon, about three miles or so, there is an initial interception zone, so to speak, to protect it from being smashed by space debris and objects.

And then they say - I'm not saying this is absolutely 100 percent true, but I think the subjects are probably absolutely right - then there is such a twenty mile impenetrable barrier. And then you have the moon craters, which, despite their different sizes and of course impact, have a pretty universal depth, which people have said: How can that be when you are different? ... Well, some things go as far as here and then no further.

Anyway, it all came together and I did a lot of other things… there's a lot of details in the book and then I called my oracle, didn't I? So, I called Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Shaman, the official historian for the Zulu nation. And ... I found that if you look at the symbolism of the Zulu legends, I found it extraordinarily accurate over the years.

And one thing I always have to smile about is that these mainstream anthropologists and historians and all that is out there, they so often take symbolic stories that the ancients tell and interpret them literally because they are people who rely on the left hemisphere - that is the only thing they can do, they cannot just develop the matter further to its symbolic content. Because we are in a time where ... it is so much easier to communicate what we want to say because technology is increasingly reflecting the same reality that we are experiencing.