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The Secrets of Oaksend - The Monster Trial

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Title: The Secrets of Oaksend - The Monster Trial
Author / s: Andrea Martin

ISBN: 3570176134
EAN: 9783570176139

A thrilling adventure about friendship and opposites for boys and girls.
Recommended from 10 to 99 years.
Original edition.
With b / w vignettes.

Illustrated by Max Meinzold

March 25, 2019 - bound - 320 pages


Two monster-strong friends and a great adventure - the magical prelude to the »secrets of Oaksend«

Robin can't believe it when Melvin stands before him one night. A real monster in the middle of his room! And he called it himself! As a budding protective monster (warmblood, European longhair, blue tabby), it is Melvin's job to protect his protégé from harm of any kind. And Robin urgently needs that too. But what if the familiar world suddenly falls apart? With his hatchpatch, a kind of magical express tunnel, Melvin manages to get his friend to safety first. But Melvin isn't the only monster in Oaksend, and not all monsters come with good intentions ... Oaksend is a magical place. Not far from the small town, by the old druid stone, there is a connection between the human world and the mentora, the world of monsters, according to a legend. Robin has no idea of ​​this until one day he accidentally makes an emergency call, opening the gate to a cosmos of amazing creatures and dark secrets that he only knew from his dreams up to now.



Even as a child, Andrea Martin suspected that there was much more to things than is generally claimed. She grew up in the USA, Austria and Germany. After training as a graphic designer, she founded a specialist agency for medicine and communication in 1995, where she works as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator and develops marketing strategies for customers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. "The Secrets of Oaksend" is her fantastic debut.

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Press reviews

"I would also like to have a protective monster, because you always have a friend." BR - radioMikro

"When I read that, then I really sink into it and then I can also imagine it very well." MDR Radio Sachsen on "The secrets of Oaksend The monster test"

“Much has been written about monsters, but Andrea Martin came up with a lot of funny details. In the end, you want your own protective monster. «GEOlino

»Entertaining, witty and creative words, but also a lot of tension. The second volume will certainly be eagerly awaited. «Book culture

»Funny, good and imaginative and I've even read it twice.« Karl, children's editor on the NDR radio show "Bücherwurm"

“We think it's particularly good that the book is so exciting from the first page!” Der Tagesspiegel

"Fantastic, funny and very exciting!" Read aloud from the Reading Foundation's network