How to write quotes in mla format

Cite sources in MLA format

Gather the information that identifies each source.The latest set of MLA guidelines refers to principles that allow you to cite each type of source, rather than a set of separate rules for different media (book, website, film, interview, podcast, etc.). You give the details with a dot in between. Include any information you can find about the works:[7]
  • Author (s)
  • title
  • version
  • number
  • publishing company
  • Release date
  • Location (of the source)

Expert answer

A wikiHow reader asked: "How do you set up a cited works page created in MLA?"

Christopher Taylor is Associate Professor of English at Austin Community College, Texas. He received his PhD in English and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.


Christopher Taylor, English professor, advises: "First, type in" Works Cited "and center it at the top of a blank page. Then add all bibliographic citations in alphabetical order, indenting all lines after the first line for each bibliographic entry."