Sugar Aloe, who am I

Sugar Addiction Test - Am I Affected?

Are you a sugar junkie and addicted to sugar? Find out with this sugar addiction test!

Do you like to eat chocolate or other sweets? Do you find it difficult to stop after the first bite? You often eat more than you intended and suffer from it, no longer free to be able to decide how much sweets you eat?

Then you are probably just like me addicted to sugar.

If you want to know whether (and if so, how severely) you are affected by sugar addiction, the following sugar addiction test can help you.

For a quick test, answer the questions from test 1. If you answer “Yes” at least three times, you can use the sugar addiction test 2 to find out how severe your sugar addiction is.

Sugar addiction test 1: am I addicted to sugar?

If you want to find out if you are addicted to sugar, first answer the following questions.

  • Do you eat sweets, pasta made from white flour (bread, pasta, pizza, cake, etc.), chips or other fried things every day?
  • Do you often eat not because you are hungry, but because you want to feel better (e.g. after an argument, after a stressful day or out of boredom)?
  • Do you often have cravings and cravings for sweets?
  • Do you get restless, in a bad mood or aggressive if you don't get what you crave?
  • Is it difficult for you to stop snacking after the first biscuit, the first piece of chocolate?
  • Do you blame yourself afterwards and do you suffer from a guilty conscience?
  • Do you sometimes hide packaging, purchase slips and secretly nibble so that others do not notice, because you would be uncomfortable if they knew what and how much you are eating?
  • Do you often resolve that everything will be different from tomorrow, do you put yourself on a diet, but then fail to put your project into practice?
  • Does your weight fluctuate by more than 3 kg?
  • Would you like to lose weight, but you can't because cravings and cravings are too powerful?
  • Do your thoughts revolve around food and weight?
  • Was at least one of your parents addicted to alcohol or sugar?

If you answered “yes” to more than three of these questions, you are probably prone to sugar addiction. To find out more precisely how strongly you are affected by this topic and whether you are actually a sugar junkie, take the following in-depth test on sugar addiction.

Sugar addiction test 2: how addicted am I? A self-test

I have compiled the following questions to the best of my knowledge and belief. They should help you to better assess how badly you are affected by sugar addiction.

Please note that the topic of sugar addiction is not officially recognized and therefore there are no official guidelines for assessing sugar addiction. The following test is therefore only intended as a guide and cannot be understood as an officially valid classification.

For the self-test, tick one answer for each question and then add the points together. Based on the evaluation that you will find after the test, you will then find out how high your sugar addiction potential is, or whether you are already in the middle of it. Have lots of fun with it!

Am I a Sugar Junkie? Do the test!

1. How often do you nibble on something sweet like chocolate, cake, pudding, gummy bears, biscuits etc. or salty, carbohydrate-rich snacks like chips, pretzel sticks or flips etc.?

  • several times a day (4 points)
  • once a day (3 points)
  • 2-3 times a week (2 points)
  • rarely (no more than once a week) (1 point)
  • not at all (0 points)

2. How often do you drink sugary drinks such as sweetened coffee or tea, soft drinks, cocoa drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, etc.?

  • several times a day (4 points)
  • once a day (3 points)
  • 2-3 times a week (2 points)
  • rarely (no more than once a week) (1 point)
  • not at all (0 points)

3. How often do you eat white flour products (pasta, bread, pizza or other pasta) or processed potato dishes (French fries, potato pancakes, mashed potatoes, ...) or polished rice or fast food (burgers, fried foods, ...)

  • several times a day (4 points)
  • once a day (3 points)
  • 2-3 times a week (2 points)
  • rarely (no more than once a week) (1 point)
  • not at all (0 points)

4. Do you like breakfast sweet or hearty?

  • I always have sweet breakfasts. (4 points)
  • Sometimes I have a sweet breakfast, sometimes a hearty one. (2 points)
  • I always have a hearty breakfast. (0 points)

If you generally do not have breakfast, answer this question in relation to your first meal, i.e. whether it is sweet or hearty.

5. Can you just eat a cookie, a piece of chocolate, or a handful of chips?

  • I can't do that at all. My sugar monster does not rest until everything has been eaten. (4 points)
  • I rarely manage that. (3 points)
  • This succeeds with occasionally - roughly fifty / fifty. (2 points)
  • I almost always succeed. (1 point)
  • Yes, I can do that without any problems - always. (0 points)

6. How often do you feel cravings for sugary foods or other things that contain a lot of easily digestible carbohydrates?

  • several times a day (4 points)
  • once a day (3 points)
  • 2-3 times a week (2 points)
  • rarely (no more than once a week) (1 point)
  • not at all (0 points)

7. Do you get in a bad mood if you don't get what you crave? (moody, easily irritable, mood swings, etc.)

  • Oh yes, I know that all too well. (4 points)
  • sometimes (2 points)
  • No, that won't happen to me. (0 points)

8. Do you have a guilty conscience after snacking or do you blame yourself afterwards?

  • That happens to me as well as after every meal. (4 points)
  • It happens to me sometimes. (2 points)
  • That doesn't happen at all or only very, very rarely. (0 points)

9. How often do you plan to change your eating habits starting tomorrow?

  • very often - it's just useless 😉 (4 points)
  • regularly / every now and then (2 points)
  • rarely to not at all (0 points)

10. How much money do you spend on sweets, other sweets and your favorite dishes?

  • very much (4 points)
  • mediocre (2 points)
  • little (0 points)

11. Do you have the impression that your consumption of sugar and other easily digestible carbohydrates has increased in recent years?

  • yes, totally (4 points)
  • a little (2 points)
  • No, it has stayed the same or has even decreased. (0 points)

12. Do you hide your eating habits from others (e.g. eating alone, hiding packaging)?

  • Yes, I try as best I can so that others do not notice how much and what I am eating. (4 points)
  • sometimes already (2 points)
  • no (0 points)

13. How often do you eat not because you are hungry but because you want to feel better? (Eating as a substitute satisfaction for stress, boredom, sadness, depression, frustration, ...)

  • several times a day (4 points)
  • once a day (3 points)
  • 2-3 times a week (2 points)
  • rarely (no more than once a week) (1 point)
  • not at all (0 points)

14. What does the thought of not being allowed to eat sugar from now on trigger in you?

  • Total panic! (4 points)
  • The idea would make me a little uncomfortable. (2 points)
  • That might be a little inconvenient because so many products contain sugar, but I could put up with it. (0 points)

15. How often do you think about weight, losing weight, eating / not eating, etc.?

  • constantly (4 points)
  • often (2 points)
  • rarely or when I'm hungry (0 points)

Evaluation of the self-test "Sugar addiction - Am I affected?"

0-20: You seem yours Sugar monster to have a good grip on. Sweets and easily digestible carbohydrates don't seem to play a huge role in your diet.

Even if you feel like something sweet every now and then, you can settle for a chocolate bar or a piece of cake. You can then enjoy it without feeling bad right away. Your potential for sugar addiction is low. Enviable. Keep it up!

21-40: You like sweets and other quickly digestible carbohydrates - this is nothing new to you. Every now and then your sugar monster has you under control. You then nibble more than is good for you. You know that too and sometimes suffer from it.

On the whole, however, you still have your sweet tooth and your eating habits under control. You can also enjoy a piece of cake without a guilty conscience, but you can also get annoyed if you occasionally strike over severity.

You're not really addicted to sugar yet, but the tendency is there. Rethinking your sugar consumption and reducing it would certainly do you good so that you don't end up in a sugar addiction at some point.

Our sugar cessation program, which will appear shortly, can help you very well with this. Sign up for our "Never again sweets is also no solution" newsletter and be one of the first to find out as soon as it is available. You can register at the end of the article.

41-60: Welcome to the club. Your sugar monster is pretty powerful and has you under control at times. You are probably addicted to sugar. And you know what it means to ride the waves of the blood sugar roller coaster. You are all too familiar with cravings and mood swings.

A guilty conscience often accompanies you - almost every day. You often think you should change your eating habits and, above all, reduce your sugar consumption, but you can't do it. You urgently need support.

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