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The destruction of idols


`Then it was time to put the preaching into action. Abraham planned a valiant and decisive blow to idolatry. The account of the Quran differs little from the Judeo-Christian traditions, which say that Abraham destroyed his father's personal idols. [1] The Quran tells us that he destroyed the idols of his people that were kept on a religious altar. Abraham had devised a plan in which the idols were involved:

"And, by God, I will certainly go against your idols after you have turned and gone." (Quran 21:57)

It was time for a religious festival, perhaps doomed to sin, for which they left town. Abraham was invited to attend the festival, but apologized:

"Then he looked at the stars and said," I'm sick. " (Quran 37:89)

When his family left without him, the opportunity had come for him. When the temple was deserted, Abraham went there and approached the gold-plated wooden idols in front of which the priests had carefully placed their meals. Abraham made fun of them in his disbelief:

“Now he secretly turned to their gods and said:" Don't you want to eat? What about you that you don't talk? "

After all this, what could have led man to worship idols that he himself made?

"Then suddenly he began to hit her with his right hand."

The Quran tells us:

"Then he cut them to pieces - with the exception of the largest of them - so that they could turn to him." (Quran 21:58)

When the priests of the temple returned, they were shocked to see their shrines destroyed in the temple. They wondered who could have done this to their idols, when one remembered Abraham and said that he had spoken badly of them. When they called him over, Abraham showed them their own stupidity:

“He said,“ Do you worship what you have carved, even though God created you and what you made? ” (Quran 37:95)

Her anger grew more and more; they were not at all in the mood to hear him preach, but asked him directly:

“Was it you who did this to our gods, O Abraham?” (Quran 21:62)

But Abraham had not left the greatest idol untouched for nothing:

"He said," No, this one, the greatest of you, did it. Ask them if they can talk! ""

When Abraham challenged them like this, they got confused. They accused each other of not protecting the idols and, without looking him in the eye, they said:

“You know very well that they cannot talk!”

There Abraham had her where he could ask her:

"He said:" Do you worship instead of God that which can neither bring you the slightest benefit nor harm you? Ugh about you and what you worship instead of God. Do you not want to understand? "(Quran 21: 66-67)

The accusers became the accused. They were accused of being logically ignorant, and Abraham did not answer. Because Abraham's argument was unanswerable, their response was angry and indignant, and they condemned Abraham to be burned alive.

"They said: Build a building for him and throw him into the red, hot embers of the fire." (Quran 37:97)

The townspeople all helped gather wood for the fire until the biggest fire they had ever seen burned. The young Abraham gave himself completely to his faith which the Lord of the Worlds had chosen for him. He didn't lose his trust in God, this test only made him stronger. Abraham did not flinch at the fire death, though he was so young, his last words before he was to be burned were:

"God is enough for me and He is the best to do things." (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

Here is another example of how Abraham demonstrated his truthfulness in the face of the harsh trial. His belief in True God was tested here and he proved that he was even prepared to sacrifice his existence for God's message. He has proven his faith through his deeds.

But God did not want this fate for Abraham, because he had a bigger message to proclaim. He was to become the progenitor of some of the greatest prophets known to mankind. God kept Abraham as a sign for him and also as a sign for his people.

“We (God) said," O fire, be cool and peace to Abraham. " And they strove to harm him, only We made them the biggest losers. " (Quran 21: 69-70)

So Abraham escaped the fire unscathed. They tried to seek vengeance for their gods, but in the end they and their idols were humiliated.

[1] The Talmud: Selections, H. Polano. (