All heroes in the Philippines, as it cost

At least four dead from typhoon "Goni" in the Philippines

As the weather service announced on Sunday, the cyclone hit land with gusts of wind of up to 295 kilometers per hour at night in the province of Catanduanes in the east of the island state. The storm covered roofs and bent trees and electricity pylons, as it was said.

At least four people were killed in Albay province, said local government leader Al Bichara. Three people drowned when a river overflowed and a dike burst. In addition, a person was killed by a tree. The weather service warned of catastrophically strong winds, heavy rains and storm surges. It is to be expected that the typhoon will also reach the capital region of Manila in the next few hours. The international airport there was closed until Monday as a precaution.

Goni - also known as Rolly in the Philippines - is the strongest typhoon to hit the Southeast Asian island nation since Hurricane Haiyan in November 2013. At that time, more than 6300 people died and more than four million people lost their homes. Just last week, Typhoon Molave ​​in the Philippines killed 23 people and almost 800,000 residents had to leave their homes.