What is siding undershred

What do lower and upper thresholds mean?

The following services are included in your ANKÖ fee and do not incur any additional costs:

Business information system - updated daily

1. The ANKÖ displays all the authorizations reported there via an up-to-date interface to the trade information system. You can access them by entering the ANKÖ portal at https://lgu.ankoe.at after entering your user data: You will find the data in the “Authorization” tab ". Clicking on the" GISA extract "button opens the respective authorization.

2. The register extract includes the following data:

  • Information on the business owner
  • Commercial wording
  • Origin of the trade license, issuing authority and date of issue
  • Industry dormant notification
  • Location of the trade license including business premises
  • Commercial manager including the day of the order
  • Branch manager (if available) including the day of the order


Professional interest representation (chambers) - updated daily

Interface to the Chamber of Commerce

All authorizations that establish your membership in the Chamber of Commerce are available from the ANKÖ. For this purpose, a daily updated link has been set up that directly accesses the data stored with the chambers of commerce.
The links are available separately by state. For each federal state, the locations are shown for which a valid trade license has been reported. Your membership number will not be shown externally. If you do not have this interface, please submit your membership number in order to establish the link.

The following information is available:

  • Authorization address
  • Authorization wording
  • Effective date of the entitlement
  • Legal form of the company
  • Part of the business (main business or business premises, dormant authorization)
  • Business manager


Interface to the Chamber of Architects and Engineers

The ANKÖ is connected to the Chamber of Architects and Engineers' Advisory Council via your membership number. Your membership number is not shown externally. The link can be used to view your company's current entry directly.

The following information is available:

  • Authorization address including email and homepage (if deposited with the Chamber)
  • Wording of the authority
  • Projects, if any
  • Branches, if any


Commercial register - updated daily

The interfaces to the commercial register are updated daily. The following information about your company is shown by importing company register data in the ANKÖ:

  • Commercial register number
  • Corporate form
  • capital
  • Organs (e.g. managing director under company law, authorized signatory)
  • Company holdings
  • Shareholdings in the company
  • Change of company name under company law
  • Change of the address data of the main location as well as of any branches and operating sites
  • ÖNACE code (s)
  • Liquidation or deletion of the company
  • Initiation / cancellation of insolvency proceedings, - daily comparison with the edict file

In the case of companies that do not provide us with any further evidence of their economic performance, the balance sheet to be disclosed from the company register is updated manually and on an event-related basis.

We process up-to-date reports from the commercial register on reorganizations, transfers and divisions. If this means that new or different proof of suitability should be stored in the ANKÖ, we will contact you.


Austrian health insurance company

We receive the following monthly information from the social security agencies via our interface:

1. Import of information from the social security agencies with the current date
2. Amount of any existing arrears
3. Total number of employees registered with the regional health insurance fund on the key date of the import (broken down by federal state)

If the backlog of the data received from the main association is twice as high as € 100, the data will no longer be displayed and the import will stop. If a client approaches the ANKÖ and wants current data from your company, your customer advisor will contact you directly.

If there is a valid installment agreement, we recommend that you submit this to the ANKÖ. A negative balance at the regional health insurance fund does not immediately mean that your company loses its suitability for public procurement.


Municipal tax MA 6

As soon as wages are paid in your company, this leads to a compulsory contribution according to local tax. If a company / permanent establishment is in Vienna, this tax is paid to Municipal Department 6. Many clients also refer to this evidence as the "city treasury".

Proof that the municipal tax has been paid there is an issue in procurement procedures, especially for clients based in Vienna. Therefore, the ANKÖ imports the data from the Vienna municipal tax on a monthly basis. This is possible for companies that have registered their business or a permanent establishment in Vienna and that pay wages in Vienna.


Construction workers holiday and severance pay fund (BUAK)

Companies in the construction industry are legally obliged to make special regulations for their workers, which apply to construction workers due to special problems. After the company has been registered with BUAK, your company will receive a company identification number. After notification of this indicator to the ANKÖ, we will import the BUAK data for you monthly via our interface.

This information is received from the cash register and shown in the ANKÖ:

  • Information date
  • due arrears
  • registered employees


Information according to § 28b AuslBG

Via an interface with the tax office, the ANKÖ queries every six months whether violations of the Aliens Employment Act are to be credited to the company in connection with § 28b AuslBG at the Federal Ministry of Finance. These queries are processed by the Financial Police - Central Coordination Office and any injuries are uploaded directly to the platform.

As soon as there are legally binding convictions for the company, these will be displayed in your company's database.

Of course, we invite you to send us a statement in which you can demonstrate that, despite the existence of one or more legally binding punishments pursuant to Section 28 (1) (1) of the AuslBG, the public procurement law is reliable.

This opinion can influence the valuation of your company in the course of ongoing procurement procedures within the meaning of Section 83 (2) BVergG 2018. In your interest, you are therefore requested to provide a description of the reliability of your company under public procurement law.

Good to know: With or without ANKÖ, the client learns of any violations that may be present under the Aliens Employment Act.


Kreditschutzverband von 1870 (KSV) interface

The KSV rating data are all imported by the KSV itself via its own interface. Every company registered there is assessed in full at least once a year and the rating is imported. This message is shown in the field "Date of the last KSV research". If the rating changes before the end of a year, this change is also updated daily in the ANKÖ. Important: Some clients require that the rating in a tendering process is not older than 6 months (stating "Last change of rating on"). In this case, the ANKÖ will be happy to re-upload your rating with a more recent date.

Questions about personal rating
The KSV is happy to provide information on the composition of the personal rating. Initial information is given by telephone, further information via a personal conversation: infoServicegruppe (at) ksv.at; Tel. No. 0501870-8000.

Edict file

A daily comparison with the edict file is carried out. In the event of bankruptcy or reorganization, the edict will be stored in your data record and a corresponding status with a note will be set in your company profile. Further resolutions in the course of the bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings are currently being filed. If the bankruptcy / reorganization is lifted, the corresponding resolution will be stored in the data record and your status will be set to "Status OK - company is properly managed" or to "Status B - rectifiable deficiency", depending on how up-to-date your evidence of suitability is reset.