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Learn Sports Terms in German

Sports are a big part of daily life in German-speaking countries. Bonding over sports games is a great way to make new friends. By learning to discuss sports in German you will make sure that you can participate in the next beer hall conversation. No matter what sport you love you'll find useful terms here. See how to translate sports and Olympics terms from English to German with this vocabulary list.

Start with a quick list of sports in alphabetic order in English.

English-German Sports Glossary

  • Noun genders indicated by: r (the, masc.), e (the, fem.), s (that, new.)
  • Abbreviations: adj. (adjective), n. (noun), v. (verb), pl. (plural), sing. (Singular)


amateur (n.)r amateur, e amateur

athlete (n.)r athlete/e athlete, r athlete/e sportswoman

athletic, good at sports (adj.)athletic

athletics (n., pl.)e athletics (sing. only), r sports (sing. only)


badmintons badminton
shuttlecock the shuttlecock

ballr ball (r football = soccer ball)

baseball (n.)r baseball
baseball batr baseball bat
baseball capr baseball cap, e baseball cap
(baseball) bases time, s base
on second baseon Mal / Base two
(baseball) batterr batsman
(baseball) pitcherr thrower, r pitcher

basketballr basketball

beach volleyballr beach volleyball

bicycle, bike (n.)s bike, s wheel, s Velo (Swiss Ger.)
motorbikes motorcycle, e machine
mountain bikes mountain bike

blade, runner (on skates, sled)  e skid (-n)
  r Kufenstar ice-skating star

bodybuildings muscle training, s bodybuilding

broad jump (n.)r long jump


caddy (n., golf)r caddy

championship (n.)e mastery (-en)
European Championshipe European Championship (EM) (soccer)
world championshipe world championship

champion (n.)r master, e master
European championr European Champion

cleat, spike (on shoe)r studs (-), r spike (-s)

coach (athletics) (n.)r trainer

compete for (a medal) (v.)fight for (a medal)

cricket (game) (n.)s cricket
cricket bats bat
cricket matchs cricket game
cricket pitchs cricket field

crossbar (goal)e goal bar

cycling (n.)cycling, s cycling


defender (soccer, etc.)  r defense attorney

defense, defenderse defense

do / engage in sports (v.)to do sports
I do sports / engage in sports.I practice sports.
I do gymnastics.I am into gymnastics. / I am doing gymnastics.

dopings doping

a draw, tied (adj.)  draw


engage in / do sportsto do sports
She likes to do sports.She likes to play sports.

equestrian (rider)  r rider, e rider

equestrian event (s)s riding


face mask (sports)e face mask

face-off (ice hockey)s bully

fan (of sports)r fan, r sports lover

favorite (adj.) (game, sport)Favourite- (s favorite game, r favorite sport)

fencer (Sportsr fencer (-), the fencer (-nen)
fencings fencing
with épées Fencing swords
with foils Fencing foil
with sabers Sword fencing

field, pitch (sports field)s (Sports)field, r (Sports)place

final (s), the final rounds finale, r final battle
semi-finalss semifinals

final lap / racer end run

finish lines goal, e finish line

finishing tapes target range

footballr football (soccer, European football)

Soccer is often referred to as "King football"(King Soccer) in Germany because of that sport's dominant position over any other Sport.

football (American)r (american) football
football (soccer) r football

Formula One (racing)e Formula One, Formula 1

forward, striker (soccer)r striker

freestyle (swimming) (n.)r freestyle
the 400m freestylethe 400m freestyle
freestyle relay (race)the freestyle relay


game (s) (n.)s game (s), r competition (match, competition)

to go in for (a sport)to practice (a sport)

goal (soccer, hockey)s gate
score / shoot a goalscore a goal

goalie, goalkeeperr goalie, r goalkeeper/e goalkeeper, r goalkeeper/e goalkeeper

goal post (n.)r goalpost

golf (n.)s golf
golf ballr golf ball
golf cape golf hat
golf carts golf cart
golf clubr golf clubs
golf courser golf course
golferr golfer, e golfer
golf tournaments golf tournament
(golf) greens Green

The German word golf has two meanings and two genders. The masculine form, the golf means "gulf" in English. The game is the golf.

good at / in sports, athleticgood at sport, athletic

gymnasium (n.)e gym, e sports hall

The word high school comes from Greek. A. gymnasion was originally a place for physical and mental training. English took the physical side, while German uses the mental meaning. In German, the high school is an academic secondary school.

gymnastics (n.)e gymnastics

gymnastic (adj.)gymnastic

gym shoes (n., pl.)e sneakers

gym suit (n.)r tracksuit


get (golfe track, s hole
on the ninth holeon the ninth track
on the ninth holeon the ninth hole
the 17th holethe 17th lane, the 17th hole

high jumpr high jump

hit (n.)r hit

hit (the ball) (v.)hit (the ball) (hit, beaten)

hurdles (n., pl.)r hurdles (running), s hurdles (equestrian)


injury (n.)e injury


javelin (n.)the javelin

jog (v.)to jog (jogged, jogged)

jogging suit (n.)r jogging suit

jump (n.)r jump
broad / long jump (n.)r long jump
high jump (n.)r high jump

jump (v.)leap


kick (v.)kick (kicked, kicked)

kick (n.)r kick (a kick in soccer, football)

The noun the kicker/the kicker in German refers to a soccer / football player, not just someone playing the position of "kicker." The verb "to kick" can take several forms in German (kick, hit). The verb kick is usually limited to sports.


leaguee league
German Federal League (soccer)the Bundesliga

long jump (n.)r long jump

loose (v.)to lose (lost, lost)
We lost (the game).We lost (the game).


medal (n.)e medal
bronze medalthe bronze medal
silver medalthe silver medal
gold medalthe gold medal

medley, individual medley (race)e layers (pl.)
the 4x100m medley relaysthe 4x100m layers

motocrosss motocross

motorcycle, motorbikes motorcycle, e machine

motor racingr motorsport

mountain bikes mountain bike

mountain climbing, mountaineering (n.)s mountaineering


net (n.)s network


Olympiade Olympics, the Olympic games

Olympic flamethe Olympic flame

Olympic torchthe Olympic torch

Olympic villagethe olympic village

Olympicse Olympics, the Olympic games
the Olympic Games (n. pl.)the Olympic games

opening ceremonies (Olympics)the (Olympic) opening ceremony

opponentr opponent, e opponent


pentathleter pentathlon
pentathlon (event)  r pentathlon

pitch (baseball, cricket) (n.)r litter, r pitch

pitch, field (sports)  s (sports) field, r (sport) place

pitch, throw, toss (v.)throw (threw, thrown)

pitcher (baseball, cricket)  r thrower, r pitcher

piton (n.)r rock picks (for mountaineering)

play (v.)play (played, played)

playerr player (m.), e player (f.)

playoff (game), deciding games playoff, r decisive battle
final (s) (n.)s finale

point (points) (n.)r point (e points)

pole vault (n.)r pole vault

polos polo
water polo (n.)r water polo

pro, professional (n.)r professional, r professional athlete

putt (n., golf)r putt
putting greens Green


race (auto, foot, etc.) (n.)s race, r race
horse races horse racing
motor races motor racing, s car racing

referee, umpire (n.)r referee

relay race, relay team (n.)r relay race, e season
freestyle relay (race)the freestyle relay

results (scores) (n., pl.)e decision (sing.), the results (pl.)

run (v.)to run (ran, went), run (ran, ran)

runner (n.)r runner, e runner

running (n.)s running, s race


score (n.)s result, r score, e score, e decision, r Score (golf only)
scoreboard (n.)e scoreboard
The score was Adler 2, Fire 0.It was 2-0 (two to zero) for Adler (against Fire).
What's the score?What's up?

score (a goal, point) (v.)score a goal, to score / make a point

scoreless, nil (adj.)zero to zero, goalless (football, soccer)

scores, times, results (n., pl.)e decision (sing.), the results (pl.)

serve (tennis) (v.)crack open (hit, pitched)

shinguard, shinpadr shin guard

shot put (n.)s shot put

shoot, fire (gun) (v.)shoot (pron. SHEE-sen)
shooting (n.)s shooting
shooting clubr shooting club shooting matchs shooting competition
shooting ranger firing range, r shooting range
shooting practicee target practice

soccer (football)r football

spectator (s)r viewers (the audience)

spectator sportr public sport

spike (on shoe)r spike (-s)

sport (s) (n.)r sports (singular only)
sports equipmente sporting goods (pl.)
sporting / sports evente sporting event
sports fields sports field, r sports field
sports medicinee sports medicine
sportsweare sportswear
type of sport (the sport)
types of sports

stadium (s)s stadium (the stages, pl.)

stage (of a race, event)e stage
in the first stagein the first stage

stock-car racings stock car races

stopwatche stopwatch

striker, forward (soccer)r striker

swim (v.)swim (sponge, swam)

swimming (n.)s swimming

swimming pool (s) (n.)s swimming pool (-baths), r swimming pool (-pools, pl.)
indoor swimming pool (n.)s indoor swimming pool


table tennis, ping pong (n.)r table tennis

tackle, tackling (n.)deep grasp, s Grasp and hold, s tackle

tackle (v.)grasp (deep) (and hold)

target, finish lines goal
target practicee target practice

shooting targete target

team (n.)e team, s team

team sports (n., pl.)e team sports (pl.)

tennis (n.)s tennis
tennis clothesthe tennis clothes
tennis courtr tennis court
tennis racketr tennis racket
tennis shoese tennis shoes (pl.)

throw, toss, pitch (v.)throw (threw, thrown)

tied, a draw (adj.)draw

time (an event) (v.)to stop, measure / take the time

timekeeper (person) (n.)r timekeeper, e timekeeper

timekeeping (n.)e timing

times (n., pl.)e times (pl.), e decision (sing.)

track (athletic)e track, e racetrack

track and fielde athletics (sing. only)

training (n.)s exercise, e training

train, work out (v.)work out


umpire, refereer referee


water polor water polo

win (v.)win (won, won)
They won (the game).You won (the game).

world championshipe world championship (WM)

World Cup (soccer)r World Cup