What is aop deductible in home insurance


Is it worth taking out a tariff with a deductible?

Whether and to what extent a deductible makes sense depends on the risk assessment of the policyholder. On the one hand, tariffs with a deductible are cheaper; on the other hand, the deductible causes additional costs in the event of damage.

Example: A private liability insurance costs 65 euros per year with a deductible of 100 euros and 75 euros without a deductible. Due to the annual savings of 10 euros, the deductible is only worthwhile if a claim occurs at most every ten years.

Another consideration is added to fully comprehensive insurance. Here, due to the downgrading to the no-claims class, the insurance costs increase if the insured person reports a claim. This rule usually makes it unattractive to report minor damage to the insurance company. It is therefore worth considering saving insurance costs with a higher deductible and only taking out comprehensive insurance in the event of serious accident damage.

Maintenance deductible

In maintenance law, the deductible embodies the portion of income that those who, for example, have to pay maintenance for their children after a divorce can keep for themselves. After deducting the maintenance payments, enough money must be left over from the income as a deductible that the monthly income is not less than the subsistence level.

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