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What is George Telegraph?

George Telegraph is a Training Institute that started its operations as an educational hub since 1920. Right from its inception till today, the institution is dedicatedly providing the best education to the youth looking for prospective career growth. It's an earnest effort to educate and train students professionally have made it turn out to be the most popular educational center for vocation education in India. Due to its vast experience and excellence in training, the institution has gained recognition by different authorities like British Army, Indian Defense Forces, Maritime Authorities and British Railway Board.

The Institution offers standardized syllabus, adaptable as per the needs of the industries. All the courses available in various centers are NSDC affiliated. Equipped with highly experienced and qualified team of teachers, the institution always strives to give the students, effective training that can help them to crack a good job in the future. Personality development and grooming sessions are another part of this educational training institution. The training will help students to get themselves prepared for interview sessions in future.

George Telegraph training Institute commences various types of employee training and assessment programs for external organization held within its campus and off campuses as per necessity. Presently, the Institute is imparting training to more than 25,000 students through its training centers located in West Bengal, Agartala, Assam & Orissa. Its principal objective is to spread the unique vocational curriculum to aspirants staying in the non-metropolitan locations.

Why to Choose George Telegraph?

Students often have to face the unemployment problem due to improper education and vocational training. Ever increasing shortage of job opportunities has led to the establishment of different educational institutions in India. The most important fact is, there are many institutions that deliver education in different fields, but one need to choose the one that imparts adequate education along with career training. Nowadays, career training is more vital because the rate of competition in the job market is very high.

Are you looking for a quality education and career Training Institute? You have come to the right place. George Telegraph Training Institute is established with the aim to provide worthy education and career training as per the requirement of the Indian Industries. The Institute facilitates students to get a good education with proper career training. Initially, the institution deals with training people on commercial trades and giving eminence training on shorthand and typing. But in recent years the Institute is giving vocational training in different educational fields. These include electronics telecommunication, electrical engineering, civil engineering and lots more.

Few reasons that have made this Institute become the first choice for career-oriented people are:

  • Quality education and job-oriented training
  • Proper guidance through experienced & highly qualified teachers
  • Comprehensive range of training programs for different courses
  • Internal Assessment & Semester Exam
  • Supplementary Examination for students on medical grounds
  • Review of answer scripts in case if the student is not satisfied with their marks in the assessment.

Career Opportunities Open for Students

Most of the time students find themselves lost due to lack of proper career guidance and vocational training that can act as a great boost to their career growth. The reason behind this is an education without planning. If you are planning to secure a good job, then it is vital that you choose a good educational institution. Good in a sense does not mean simply education for the sake of learning or achieving a degree. It should be a blend of good education and career training.

To help students, George Telegraph training Institute has opened up a wide array of opportunities by launching various educational programs and courses. Often students fail to qualify in the Joint Entrance Exams held for engineering. Such students feel demotivated and many get frustrated with their life. Nothing to worry, you need to find the path yourself. The faculty members of George Telegraph believes that ———–

"Where there is a will, there is a way"

If you are still confused which path you need to follow, then George Telegraph is there to guide you. The Institute has enlightened the path of numerous students and today, they are successfully placed in reputed organizations. At George Telegraph, education and career training in various fields are available for aspiring students. To know more about the course details and educational programs visit-

Job-oriented training courses

These days, since the competition in the job market is at its peak, to grasp a good career in the future, it is essential that you opt for job-oriented training. This kind of training will help you fetch a job easily, even though when the competition in the market is tough.

Before, you choose to opt for any career-related courses, the first step is to choose an institution that delivers job-oriented training. As academic qualification and simply acquiring degrees will not help you to get a job in Indian Industries. In order to achieve your dream job, you need to have practical knowledge apart from theoretical knowledge.

People having an interest in the technical field like telecommunication can easily go for the telecommunication technical courses. The course structure is framed completely upon the modern technologies and is an industry oriented. This particular course will allow students to expertise in the topics that cover telecommunication.

Each and every course is designed under the guidance of experienced faculty members. The principal objective of the institution is to provide quality education and industry standard training at an optimal level. The job-oriented training will aid aspirants to climb up the ladder of success. The training given to the aspirants can help them to acquire engineering jobs. Even the students can opt for their own business and serve the industry.

The success rates of students in George Telegraph is very high. Every year, the institution is grooming thousands of students with proper education and career training program. On successful completion of the courses, recruitment assistance is also provided to the students. Within a brief period of establishment, the Institute has been recognized as the center of excellence. It is all because of the comprehensive range of training programs in various fields like electronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.

So, just a step behind you are…. If you want to go for a bright future, then start searching George Telegraph Training Institute at your nearest location. For more details click on the link

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