How to Roll Someone's Computer

Your eyes roll

Roll your eyes over someone.The eye roll is an expression that people use to make other people feel angry.[2]You're doing it for an audience, not yourself, so knowing your audience is important. Sometimes you roll your eyes over someone to show that you are annoyed by them, that you don't believe them, or that you aren't interested in what they say.[3]Sometimes you can roll your eyes to person A behind person B's back to tell person A that you are frustrated by person B. Be careful: if Person B notices, he or she may not be pleased.
  • If you roll your eyes in front of a group of people, you could really be trying to express your frustration, or you could just be looking for a laugh. If you want a dramatic effect, you should overdo the eye roll as much as possible to make it more noticeable.
  • If only one person is to "get" the eye roll, try making eye contact first. Once you have looked each other in the eyes for a brief moment, roll your eyes and make sure the other person sees it.