What is Pansec Dr.

Pansec Dsr Strip Of 15 Capsules

  • You develop watery diarrhea or fever after taking this medicine

  • You experience black stools

  • You have a stomach tumor or cancer

  • You have a history of fractures or have osteoporosis or taking steroids

  • On exposure to the sun, you get rash on your skin, stop your treatment and inform your doctor as soon as you can

  • You are on this medicine for a long time. Your blood magnesium levels may drop. Your doctor may perform regular tests for the same

  • Taking this medicine for more than one year may increase chances of developing bone fractures

  • You have serious heart problems like congestive heart failure, heart rhythm problems and electrolyte imbalance

  • You have liver and kidney disease or kidney failure

  • You are taking medicines to treat infection or you have HIV

  • You need to go through a regular checkup if you are taking this medicine since last one year