What are trembling cheeks

What is Linea Alba

? Linea alba is a common, benign hardening of the mucous membrane inside the mouth caused by excess keratin. Occurring more often in adults than in children, it appears as a white line along the inside of the cheeks where the upper and lower teeth are against each other. Symptoms

Often times a person with linea alba will experience no symptoms except for the appearance of a raised white line along the inside of the cheeks. Because it is essentially a callus of the lining of the mouth, linea alba is usually painless.
Chewing the inside of the cheeks is one of many possible causes among linea alba.

When the lining of the mouth gets tightened again and again, a layer of keratin develops, which is what appears as a white line. Chewing the insides of the cheeks can cause linea alba, but has other possible culprits. Dentures, orthodontic appliances, crooked teeth, and aggressive oral hygiene can all cause the condition.
Affects people

Adults experience linea alba more often than children. In addition, cheek biting is far more common in women than in men. So women are more likely to develop the state of biting behaviors. Thirteen percent of the young men in a limited study had the condition, and so it is likely that the percentage of women who need linea alba is much higher than that percentage.
Diagnosis and treatment

A dentist may recommend counseling to stop a patient from biting behaviors. After the diagnosis

Linea alba, a dentist or jaw pathologist will likely advise the patient to remove the irritants or irritants that are causing the condition. Examples include cessation of habits, such as cheek biting and aggressive oral hygiene, or cessation of orthodontic items, including crooked teeth, dentures and other appliances. The patient might even seek counseling to help manage habits that cause or aggravate linea alba. The dentist or maxillofacial pathologist will likely schedule a follow-up appointment to see if the condition improves.