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Tragic accident: 26-year-old TV presenter is dead

Has had a serious accident in the US TV presenter Jenny Lenzinicost your life. She was out on a motorcycle. Now the young woman is dead. You was only 26 years old.

26-year-old TV presenter dies in a traffic accident

Mourning for Jenny Lenzini: As t-online reported, the just 26-year-old news reporter is divorced from life. She was killed in a motorcycle accident in Florida. According to NBC2, where Jenny Lenzini has been working since last July, the presenter is said to have ridden on the back of a motorcycle. This crashed into a tree in North Port last Saturday afternoon because the driver had lost control of the vehicle.

Jenny Lenzini died in the hospital. The driver of the machine succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. The shock and the sadness are great. One day later, her employer published the words on his website: "Your radiant smile and passion have made you an outstanding reporter from the start". He also wrote: "She has always been diligent in her work making sure that her viewers knew how grateful she was to be reporting in southwest Florida."

"Jenny was a bright light"

Her previous employer, local broadcaster KTIV, also spoke up. Bridget Breen, vice president of the broadcaster, announced: "Jenny was a bright light, full of heart and devotion, a rising star in the industry with an infectious smile". In addition, the characteristics "modest", "always friendly" and "authentic" were assigned to her.

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