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Is an estate sale right for you?

Not everyone needs to hold an estate sale, and an estate sale requires a lot of time, organization and emotional resilience. Find out if you should hold an estate sale, or if an auction, garage sale or yard sale makes more sense for your needs.

Can you conduct an estate sale yourself?

You may have held successful garage sales in the past or have helped someone downsize. But holding an official estate sale is much more time-consuming and complex. Find out what goes into planning an estate sale before deciding you can handle the job yourself.

What should you know before hiring an estate sale company?

Since there are no formal regulations governing the estate sale industry, you must be extra diligent when researching estate sale companies to hire. Find out how to discover the best companies and which questions to always ask (including some you might not have thought of).

How much do estate sale companies typically charge?

Several things factor into an estate sale company’s commission and fees. Learn how to deal with the initial sticker shock of a reasonable rate ... and know when you're being overcharged.

What are "red flags" when screening an estate sale company?

When you've been in the business long enough you find out what to look out for - the hard way. Save yourself some heartache and steer clear of these red flags, rather than get risk getting ripped off.

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