Throw rugrats where they are now

This is what the Rugrats would look like today

What would the babies from the Rugrats series look like today if we ran into them on the street? Artist Isaiah Stephens has the answer and has given us an exciting picture gallery. See Tommy & Co. "all grown up".

For all of you who are wondering what the little ones Tommy Pickles, Chuckie and the twins Phil & Lil from Rugrats are doing today, we have the answer here. The talented artist Isaiah Stephens likes to watch cartoons and is inspired by them to create great pictures. There are tons of exciting galleries on his blog, Izzy Doodle Dump. One of them is dedicated to the Rugrats, who started their own television series in 1991. If we ran into the little characters on the street these days, we now know how we would recognize them. They would look like this:

See the adult rugrats:

So that we can assign the characters to the pictures, Isaiah Stephens has packed the originals on the pictures as well.

When the children's series Rugrats started on Nickelodeon in 1991, the main characters were babies, who had new adventures every day. Tommy, Chuckie and the twins Phil & Lil and later also Tommy's little brother Dil were supported by the 3-year-old Susie, while the 3-year-old Angelica always caused problems. Tommy was always the most adventurous kid in the group, and his reckless approach tended to create a lot of trouble. Incidentally, Tommy was named after the son of series inventor Paul Germain.

For nine seasons we were able to follow the experiences of the rascals. In the later offshoot, All Grown Up, the toddlers were 9 and 13 years old, so hardly grown up, but just as curious and with a few new characteristics. And Angelica was still pretty mean. The Rugrats - which in German means something like Pants shit - were also given three films in which Tommy & Co. had to face new challenges.

What do you think of the pictures? Is that how you would have imagined the adult version of the Rugrats?