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fishing rod

With a fishing rod the player can catch fish from any water source that can be cooked in the oven and serve as food. Quite often, instead of a fish, you get worthless junk out of the water, but rarely also more valuable items (see fishing). The player can also use the fishing rod to pull certain creatures towards him, or use it to quickly get into vehicles.

Properties [edit]

  • The fishing rod is ejected with a right click while it is held in the hand. As a result, a swimmer with a hook appears in front of the player, who is connected to the fishing rod by a thin black thread. Another right click will catch the hook again.
  • The hook is also drawn in again when you change the fishing rod to the second hand.
  • When the prey moves towards the swimmer, it can be seen as a small water fountain. The prey itself cannot be seen. Once the fountain has reached the float, it is pulled down. The fountain provides some preparation time before the catch.
  • When the swimmer is briefly pulled into the water and reappears, a splashing sound can be heard. This marks the time to retract the line again; The speed of reaction is crucial, however, because you only have half a second. If you're fast enough, a catch will jump out of the water and land near the player. If you are too slow you will lose your catch and take in an empty hook. The swimmer can jump several times if not caught; however, the line is automatically drawn in after 60 seconds if nothing has bitten (this time is reset every time the swimmer jumps).
  • Fishing a fish is worth 1 to 3 experience points.
  • The player can also fish underwater, the fish flies to the surface, which makes it easier to catch.
  • You can also throw the rod at creatures, they will be frightened, but will not suffer any damage. Therefore the fishing rod is not a weapon. To pull the creature closer, you have to right-click twice in a row.
  • You can also use the fishing rod to activate pressure plates or tear paintings and frames from the wall.
  • If you cast the fishing rod for boats or carts, you automatically jump directly into the vehicle. This makes getting on boats a lot easier, because often you push them away when you want to get on them normally.
  • If the player moves more than 32 blocks from the hook, the line is automatically drawn in or it is 32 meters long.

Durability [edit]

The durability of the fishing rod (see profile) is influenced as follows:

  • Hitting 2 blocks of water (or lava) does not reduce shelf life.
  • Extracting a fish costs 1 durability point.
  • Hitting a solid block costs 2 durability points. This also includes the ground under 1 block of water (or lava).
  • Attracting a creature costs 5 durability points.

So when fishing in small or shallow waters, you have to make sure that the swimmer does not hit the bottom of the water or the surrounding blocks, as this reduces the durability of the fishing rod. The water should be at least 2 blocks deep.

Tactics [edit]

  • Depending on how high the view is when you bring the line in, the catch flies higher or lower towards you. You should always look down a little so that the catch doesn't fly overhead and you have to look for it. The risk of this happening is higher when fishing from a boat, as the height of the player is reduced here. However, you can also fish from land with a large wall behind you. Another method is to jump when you get the fishing rod moves in, because then you usually catch the fish in the air.
  • The line doesn't just catch fish. If a creature is hit by the hook, the player can pull it towards them. You can use it to bring peaceful creatures to you when you hunt or drag monsters into lava or cactus holes, or, if you are far above them, throw them up and then drop them again. (From around 20 meters, they fly higher than the player is standing). Through this method, the movements of Endermen can be followed.
  • The ghast's fireballs can also be hooked into place.
  • Skeletons can be dragged into their own arrows.
  • Individual monsters can be pulled out of groups in order not to be attacked by the whole group at once.
  • Inflamed TNT can be pulled from the fishing rod.

Extraction [edit]

Occurrence [edit]

Enchanted fishing rods can be found in ocean ruin chests.


You can fish for fishing rods, enchanted rods, and damaged rods.


A fisherman villager on the journeyman level sells an enchanted fishing rod for 7-22 emeralds.

Manufacturing and repair

A used tang can be repaired by combining it with a second (also worn out) tang in the manufacturing field. The remaining shelf lives of the two hinges are added together and the result is a less worn hook. In contrast to repair with the anvil, this does not cost any experience level, but enchantments are not retained.

Surname ingredients Input »Output
fishing rodFloor +
fishing rodTwo fishing rods

Use [edit]


The fishing rod is mainly used for fishing fish and other objects.

Processing [edit]


  • Curse of Disappearance: When you die, it doesn't drop the rod, it just disappears.
  • Luck of the sea up to level III: Reduces the chance of fishing for worthless junk. Increases the chance of fishing for treasures by 1% (see fishing)
  • Shelf life up to level III: Extends the shelf life.
  • Bait up to level III: Increases the number of fish caught in the same time.
  • Repair: Repairs the fishing rod when collecting experience points.

Grinding [edit]

SurnameingredientsGrinding recipedescription
fishing rodTwo fishing rods The durability of the two rods adds up plus an additional durability of 5%.
fishing rodEnchanted Angel The fishing rod's enchantments are removed (a curse not) and part of the experience is regained.


SurnameingredientsAnvil recipe
Fixed fishing rodDamaged Angel +
Damaged fishing rod
Repair + RenameDamaged fishing rod

Experience costs: 1
Enchanted AngelAngel +
Enchanted book
Repair + Rename Angel

Experience costs: 1
Combined fishing rodAngel +
fishing rod
Repair + Rename Angel

Experience costs: 1


Fishing rods can be used as fuel for the stove.


The fishing rod can be enchanted with "luck of the sea", "bait", or "durability" on the magic table. An enchanted repair book can only be used on the anvil.

  • "Happiness of the Sea" increases the chances of catching treasure and fish and decreases the chances of catching worthless junk.
  • "Durability" reduces the wear and tear on the rod.
  • “Bait” ​​reduces the waiting time until the next catch.
  • "Repair" converts received experience points into repairing the fishing rod.