When did Alfhild Dahl die?

The German comedian Karl Dall is dead

The actor and comedian has died at the age of 79. His family said that he has not recovered from a stroke. With "Do you understand fun?" Dall had become known.

(dpa) At the age of 79, Karl Dall died on Monday, November 23rd, after suffering a stroke on November 11th. This was announced by his family to the German press agency. He “fell asleep peacefully without having regained consciousness”.

Comedian Karl Dall has conquered the show world with weird humor. "Close your eyes and through" is the name of his autobiography, an allusion to his drooping eyelid. After his colleague Otto Waalkes - like he was born in Emden - the most famous East Frisian comedian celebrated success on stage and on television. For a long time, it didn't look like such a career for him. The parents wanted to turn him into a civil servant, the teacher's child saw himself as a photographer or cameraman.

The class clown

After the botched school exit - he dropped out in the tenth grade - parental and personal dreams broke down. For this he was known as a class clown: "I didn't think I was funny, but everyone laughed at me," he said later.

He, who was teased as a child for his weak eyelid muscles, made the best of it - and became a professional comedian. After training as a typesetter and doing odd jobs, he became part of the humorous-anarchist group “Insterburg & Co.”. Dall made contact with television. He assisted in Rudi Carrell's "Churning" and played in "Do you understand fun?" Phone pranks.

At the center of a rival fight

Dall made it into the charts with dumbbells. As an actor, he has appeared in front of the camera in numerous productions, including many comedies. The erotic comedy "Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza" (1983), in which he played the leading role, received devastating reviews. Dall tried out many things in his unusual career, liked to provoke and polarize. In 1992, his change to Sat1 caused a sensation with the format “Jux und Dallerei”, which up until then was the most prominent person in the competition between the two private broadcasters.

In the recent past he was rarely seen on the screen, most recently on Tele 5 in “OGOT - Old Guys On Tour”. Most recently, he was back in front of the camera: It wasn't until the beginning of November that he took on a role for the ARD series “Rote Rosen” - but only after a few days did he suffer the stroke. Dall was married and had a daughter.