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Contextualizing Approaches to Learning in Shared Language for Student Outcomes

Many times, educators are given tactics or strategies to transform their practices. These approaches are often based on research or best practices, and have been shown to work in other schools or classrooms. Trying new approaches requires teachers to find ways to incorporate them into their existing curriculum and style of teaching. Even when these resources come with examples, they may or may not resonate with teachers who are considering these practices.

Schools that have a clear shared understanding of their identity can use this identity to connect or ground new approaches in terms of already understood and accepted outcomes or goals. Based on our work with over 100 schools in the past 5 years, we find that a shared vision for readiness is the most useful, tangible, and authentic statement of a school’s identity. These statements of identity can also include a description of shared values ​​and beliefs or a postsecondary readiness definition.

This simplifies the process of adoption for teachers and provides students with language to understand the new strategies they are learning.