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Corona, emergency brake: This happens when the incidence falls below 100

The corona numbers are falling, hopes for easing are rising. Because once the seven-day incidence
drops below 100 for five days, the stricter corona rules of the "Federal Emergency Brake" no longer have to apply. That means: The federal states and their respective regulations decide again what is allowed and what is not. And that in turn affects the majority of adults who are neither fully vaccinated nor recovered, and children for whom vaccination is currently not approved.

If the number of infections falls, the federal states can therefore override the “federal emergency brake” - or even take over parts of it. The provisions in the federal states could therefore become stricter than before the federal ordinance came into force on April 24th.

The emergency brake is still in effect until June 30, 2021. According to this, schools are closed from an incidence of 165 with exceptions. From an incidence of 100, alternating lessons apply. Tests are also mandatory. Daycare centers have to close at an incidence of 165 or more. Private meetings are only allowed with one additional person. There is no exit between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Shopping is only possible with certain incidences and with an appointment and negative test. Leisure and cultural facilities with the exception of zoos are closed. Cafés, restaurants and pubs will also remain closed.

The school and day-care center closings, curfews, contact restrictions and shopping bans associated with the so-called emergency brake could be lifted by the respective state governments - as soon as the 100 mark is fallen below.

Incidence drops to 129.1