How to display pictures without a frame

Hang pictures without drilling: 9 tips and tricks

Power lines, porous walls or those made of steel: There are many reasons why one would prefer not to drill when hanging pictures. In most cases, of course, a nail will do. But if you don't want to damage your walls permanently, we have nine ways for you to hang pictures without drilling.

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1. Hang pictures without drilling with magnetic paint

Magnetic paints have a magnetite content. This ensures that magnets can stick to the painted wall. You can pin your photos or pictures as easily as on a magnetic board. The higher the magnetite content, the stronger the adhesion, of course.

However, this variant is unsuitable for heavy picture frames. Alternatively, you can stick magnetic foil on your wall. Be aware, however, that you may later remove the wallpaper when you remove it.

Magnetic paint is also ideal for beautifying the nursery. Your children can then hang up and present their collected works there. You can find more great ideas for the nursery here:

2. Hang pictures on gallery rails

So-called gallery rails are often used in museums in order to be able to arrange paintings or frames flexibly without having to drill new holes. You can also use such rails at home, for example if you suspect power lines at the chosen point in the wall or if you want to hang your picture frames around more often.

You screw the metal rails into the corner between the wall and the ceiling and then insert hooks with nylon threads or nylon rope, on which you can later hang your picture frames at any height. The picture frame is hanging too far to the left? Just pull a little to the right. So you can easily hang your pictures without drilling.

You can get gallery rails from 16 euros (per 1.50 meters) in hardware stores.

3. Fix the pictures with mirror tape

Mirror or assembly tape can even hold washing machines on the walls, at least that's what some advertisements promise. You can also use it to hang light picture frames on the wall without having to drill holes.

However, you should enjoy this tip with caution, because the double-sided assembly tape does not hold on all surfaces. The surfaces to be bonded should always be smooth, dry and free of dust, grease and silicone. Depending on how heavy your picture frames are, it may not be able to hold onto a woodchip wallpaper.

Mirror tape is also very difficult to remove from the wall without tearing off half of the wallpaper. So you should use this method either only on a smooth tile mirror or on an unpainted wall.

You can get mirror or monthly adhesive tape from 8 euros (1.50 meters) in any hardware store.

4. Hang up pictures without drilling with sticky nails

The nail for the picture frame is to be sunk into the wall, but does it snap off after just a few blows of the hammer? No way through - everyone has probably experienced this before. Glue nails, such as those from tesa, promise the solution. And you don't even need a hammer for them. They are glued to the wall and are even adjustable in height. So it's ideal if you want to hang up an entire photo wall in the style of a Petersburg hanging. So you can correct the position of your picture frame afterwards without having to drill new holes.

The adhesive nails are available for as little as EUR 3.50 (two pieces). *

5. Wall hook for soft walls

With particularly soft walls, a few small wall hooks are often enough to hang up your pictures. You can simply press them into the wall with your thumb. This works particularly well on surfaces made of softwood, plasterboard or plastered walls. With a screwdriver you can easily remove the wall hooks later and use them again.

Wall hooks for soft walls are available from 4 euros (8 pieces). *

6. Adhesive dough for light picture frames or posters

The advantage of sticky dough: In contrast to mirror tape, not all of the plaster or wallpaper crumbles when you remove it and you can rearrange your pictures on the wall in no time at all. The disadvantage: With the small kneading dots, usually only very light picture frames, posters or photos stick to the wall. We only recommend this variant if you can or want to do without the heavy picture frame.

You can get adhesive dough in any hardware store or in the drugstore from 2.50 euros (80 pieces).

7. Hang the picture frame on a cord without drilling

This method of hanging your pictures without drilling is a little more time-consuming, because you need a few materials as well as some manual skill. You should have this ready:

  • Cord (maximum two meters)
  • Curtain hooks or clothespins
  • Two screws, pins or hooks to attach the cord

If you just want to hang photos on your cord, all you need to do is attach them to the wall with rice board pens or two small nails. With heavier picture frames, you may have to drill two holes so that the cord can carry the weight and not tear. Here you also need hooks on which you can hang the frames. The cord can sag a little, but not too much so that the weight is evenly distributed over its entire length.

8. Picture frames with suction cups for smooth surfaces

Perhaps not the prettiest, but definitely a practical way to hang pictures without drilling: picture frames with suction cups on the back. They are particularly suitable for rooms with tiled surfaces, i.e. for kitchens and bathrooms. Because the suction cups hold particularly well on the smooth tiles. But you can also place them on the window pane in any other room.

Picture frames with suction cups are available from 10.00 euros (15 x 10 centimeters).

9. Mount the picture strip to set up picture frames without drilling

Here, too, you have to drill two to three holes to mount the picture strip on the wall. But it stays that way. Once the bar is on the wall, you can arrange and exchange your pictures or photos on it as you wish.

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