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Part 5

Words of the Savior
on the night of January 7, 1972

My blessing applies to you in the hour of a special grace and for the sake of your tasks! . . .

Trust in the love of My Heart; for My special blessing and the light of the Holy Spirit will rule over you this year.

Therefore do not let yourself be weighed down by the apostasy and false teaching of many. They will all break down in their sin and either return unhappy inside or perish forever.

Great is their sin! They turn the temples of God into stone deserts. They banish My Eucharistic Presence from the eyes of the people and away from the center of the sanctuary. For them, the light in front of the tabernacle is no longer the symbol of love for my mysterious dwelling among people. They no longer bow their knees before the Almighty and before the Most Holy. They run to the holy meal as to the tables of their earthly pleasures.

They no longer know the times of prayer, but they run after the trinkets and performances of a world that has become godless, full of eagerness.

They have rejected the images of the saints and friends of God and they want to make the spirit of the saints forget in the hearts of the people.

The most holy creature of the Father, Maria, name and honor them no longer, that is why they are motherless as Christians become.

The attitude of the sacrifice has become alien to them, and they no longer want to know anything about atonement and repentance. They live as if there were no sin and sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of their distance from God and their vices. They twist and falsify the word of God as it was recorded and handed down in the holy books under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In doing so, they are guilty of a terrible lie and become murderers of immortal souls. - That's what it says My complaint; she is a sinister charge!

But the good guys may not hesitate and never despair! They grow in My love and in the grace of inner peace. You did not plead for this in vain in the hour of my grace! . . .

Words of the Savior
on the night of February 4, 1972

I bless you for this hour of grace and the work for which you have been appointed by the providential Father.

. . ., hear my will: the book that you have undertaken to write, which is to serve the faith and the one true church and to become a support and light for believers threatened by confusion, is your task and my joy at the moment.

My blessing will accompany this book on its way to the people.

. .. Therefore keep the many distractions from the outside away from you, but not those souls who come to you in great distress, in inner distress!

The affliction of the believers is great. - As never in the history of My holy Church, this inner need is great!

It is the pain of the good that Satan and his invisible demons find ever more tools in apostate and unfaithful priests. Monks leave their cells to speak publicly, especially to the people, against the faith, against the church and against my visible representative in Rome.

Your work is soul murder, - more terrible and sinister than the murder of life and limb, of which the world, which has become godless, is more and more witnesses every day.

I am not telling you this so that the good and loyal among the people of God will become fearful and lose courage and joy. No, the more the enemies of God and the confounders and destroyers raise their heads and sharpen their tongues, the more should all who love me, those of me and my virgin mother, be Maria have kept and keep the loyalty and trust, become confessors, without fear and without half-measure, as witnesses of faith and truth; knowing, that GOD stands above all; knowing that I live in the midst of you in the most holy sacraments and remain present; knowing that the Immaculata, the intercessory omnipotence and conqueror of Satan and its appendix is; knowing that Myriads of angels work invisibly all over the earth; knowing that there are innumerable people, faithful of God, sons and daughters of Heavenly Mother, who pray, sacrifice, suffer and fight.

Your share on earth are - the inner peace, the good conscience and the joy in the glorification of God. That is why the love of my heart is certain to them. So look Maria, the most holy virgin and mother, protective and blessing down upon her. . . .

Words of the Savior
on the night of March 3, 1972

Through the Providence of the Heavenly Father, blessings come upon you, My Son, for the sake of the work and apostolate you are commissioned to do. . . .

Now that your work is from "Believe" . . . When it comes to printing, watch out for anything that can serve to distribute these two works. Because both works have a mission to fulfill in their way, in a time that, like no other time before, leads close to the abyss.

The fight of Satan and his helpers, the invisible and the visible, is directed against the Three Times Holy God - a fight in which unfaithful and apostate priests become the most suitable helpers of Satan. They no longer recognize the Father and His creation, but boast with sacrilegious pride that they have created a more perfect world on their own and take the most terrible word that has ever been thought and uttered in their mouths: "God is dead!" The same apostates want to strip Christ, the Son of God, from his GODNESS and demean him to a mere human being, to a "reformer", even a "revolutionary". The greatest lie which has ever been spoken and written down!

In their madness, these renegades put their spirit in the place of the Holy Spirit and make science - their science - an idol by dedicating their soul to the "prince of this world" who laughs at them. What is more horrific, however: «GOD laughs at you», as it is in the Scriptures.

Because of all these iniquities, many well-meaning people believe that a catastrophe is about to strike the world and mankind, and they speak of it. But in the Scriptures it says: "Nobody, not mortal, knows the day or the hour."

Before that happens, the powers of hell and the plans of the wicked and the works of the apostate will be destroyed in the sight of all. In their impotence and on the ruins of their sin and apostasy, they will have to recognize too late and shout: "Sore us we like GOD wanted to be! »

But you,. . . you should know that God's judgment is still a long way off, and that the wicked and apostate, false prophets, prepare their own catastrophe for themselves before the catastrophe. Say this also to those good people who have benefited from Holy Providence to you and the apostolate. . . have been brought in as chosen friends and helpers.

You should also know that the veneration of the holy Angel before GOD THE TRINITY, something great is. They are the invisible army that fights from heaven in the struggle of God's faithful. Consecration to them is a great grace!

Do not forget a day to remember your heavenly helpers and companions!

Words of the Savior
on the night of April 7, 1972

My blessing to you, My Son, with the blessing of a special grace, for the sake of the work to which the Providence of the Father has called you. . .

The hour is difficult and the distress of my one and true church great. Seduced by a false zeal and carried away by a deceptive "progress" countless consecrated servants of this Church of mine have turned to the world. Shepherds became wolves. Great is the number of priests who no longer believe in my presence in the changed forms of bread and wine and the most HOLY like ordinary bread to treat.

In their disbelief, they desecrate the altars. In their pride they feel elevated above them Saints the church. In their delight in evil lust, they deny sin. In their busyness they lose the spirit of prayer. In their inclination to enjoy earthly goods, they leave the path of the cross. In their comfort, they despise the victim.

In their delusion, they no longer want to know anything about the Eternal Judgment or a hell. In their obstinacy they kill their conscience. In their hatred they turn against the pious and persecute them! -

Again it is priests who become servants of Satan and work to destroy the Church. If I could still suffer humanly in the transfiguration, the pain over it would be greater than the pain I suffered in the hours of my crucifixion! To my omniscience the number of externally and internally apostate priests is evident, which is hidden from the eyes and spirit of men. -

There are still good priests, but their number is diminishing, and the time is approaching when many who are faithful to Christ will weep on the lookout for a shepherd. Many bishops are silent, and the successor of St. Peter becomes lonelier; but those who are loyal to him are exposed to persecution. . . .

Also know that it is My will is that all who truly believe, sons and daughters of My one and holy Church, may keep inner calm in all external storms! Didn't I earlier ask the apostles the question during the storm on the sea: "You of little faith, did you not know that I am with you?"

Words of the Savior
on the night of May 5, 1972

I bless you, My Son, in the night and hour of My special grace for the sake of your task. . .

This task of yours was intended by the omniscient God for the time in my holy church heaviest visitation and trial of all time would be exposed. That time is here now!

Earlier, in earlier centuries, external enemies threatened My Church, or they were apostates from the Church who had openly left the Church; but now it is truly "wolves in sheep's clothing" that I spoke of in the Gospel. It is the false teachers, priests and theologians, consecrated servants of the Church by a sacrament, who proclaim erroneous and pernicious doctrines, boasting with the smile of Satan that they are - and remain - in the Church. Woe to those wretched people who lie to God and do not consider that they are the most dangerous helpers and tools of him who, in his pride, rose up against the Creator and said: "I do not serve!"

More than the Jewish Pharisees and the heathen executioners, those called those who, like Judas, would become traitors and apostates, hurt me in my redeeming suffering.

In my omniscience I saw them - I saw them all - until the end of time. When I have spoken the word on Golgotha ​​about My blasphemers and tormentors: «Forgive them, father; they do not know what they are doing », I cannot now apply such an excuse to them, to those who know the gospel, have been instructed of the grace of My salvation and consecration for service in the Church and according to their free will for the immortal souls. It is their great sin that they deny my Godhead with knowledge and will, falsify my message and turn away from the grace of redemption; But greater is the guilt and their sin against the Holy Spirit, since they declare with a smile that they are members of my holy church. In books and speeches, in meetings and writings, these Judassians spread their poison, the poison of heresy - among the people, in the heads and hearts of the believers, and deceive and lie to them.

Your life and your task were intended for this worst, most dangerous and confusing time. . .

Do not forget the supernatural helpers, My virginal mother Maria, the holy angels and the special patron, the saints of your name!

Words of the Savior
on the night of June 2, 1972

My blessings come on you, My Son, at an hour of special grace. You were given this grace for the sake of the work for which Heavenly Father's providence you were appointed.

But you know that the book of "Belief" should not be accelerated any less; because the emotional distress of many who hunger for the clear teaching becomes more and more severe. In truth, the number of those who love and confess Me, the Redeemer, My Cross and the miracle of My Presence in the tabernacle is getting smaller and smaller. Books are distributed under the name "Catechism" which no longer contain the whole and true teaching of the Gospel and therefore cause confusion. But the good guys shouldn't despair about it!

When I visibly stayed among men, some of them believed in My Godhead and accepted My teaching and grace; but in reality it was a small group. And the churches that My Apostles founded in large parts of the world were also small and exposed to cruel persecution. This persecution is repeated today, partly in a bloody, partly in a bloodless manner. That many of my consecrated servants take part in the bloodless persecution is terrible and a wound for my heart, which would hurt more and more deeply than the crucifixion if I could still suffer in the transfiguration.

But the word of Scripture applies to all those who remain strong in their loyalty and love to the whole and true faith: "To those who love God, all things work for the best." How did I myself often want to attract everyone in the land of Israel and gather them around me, but in the end I had to cry out the complaint against the people: "But now it is hidden from your eyes!"

Once judgment is held, the folly, but also the uncanny sin and guilt of those who have fallen in their imagination and have led many to disbelief, will be revealed. These now so proud do iniquity in three ways: they destroy reverence for the mystery and miracle of the Holy Eucharist; they forsake, deny and reject My most holy, virgin mother Maria, who is also the mother of the Church; they deny obedience and reverence to my visible representative, the successor of the holy apostle Peter. So they take innumerable the spiritual home that was life in my one and true church and the house of God for them.

But out of all the love of My Divine Heart I bless the faithful,. . .

Words of the Savior
on the night of July 7, 1972

I bless you on this holy night, my son,. . .

That you, my son, the book of "Belief" giving your full attention and strength is good; for this book is necessary and thousands hunger for it. It is that most necessary book for now and the future; for the church's own sons are inspired by Satan, to falsify the spirit of the great council, to extinguish the faith and to destroy the church from the ground up. But know that all these faithless are in truth no longer sons of the church, but Judasse and real helpers of Satan. Consecrated servants of God become servants of the infernal tempter.

Once I said of Judas: "It would be better for him not to have been born!" From them, these servants of Satan, I would like to exclaim: If a mother would never have given birth to them! Well, it is still day, the grace of repentance is still waiting for them; but the greater the grace they received in sacramental consecration, the deeper the fall. Many pray for the unfortunate, and it is a good thing! But since many of the fallen no longer believe in grace, prayer and the holy sacrifice, and have even sold themselves laughing to the world, they will die in sin.

Should those who are faithful and in grace be sad about it? It is true that I myself wept over Jerusalem before, because its inhabitants rejected My favor; but it is mine and the will of the father that the Children of Faith, happy children are as happy as Francis once did, who cheered the song of the sun to heaven, as happy as the youthful St. Theresa, who walked happily through the garden of creation from her love for me, smiling. . . .