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K A P I T A L I S M U S A scam? A means to an end? A tool in the hands of unscrupulous people?

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K A P I T A L I S M U S A scam? A means to an end? A tool in the hands of unscrupulous people?


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K A P I T A L I S M U S A scam? A means to an end? A tool in the hands of unscrupulous people?


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A scam?
A means to an end?
A tool in the hands of the unscrupulous

The basic system / property rights /

Cyclical fluctuation /
Market distortion / economic stagnation /
Change in the structure of wealth /
Culture of Fraud / Auditor /
Stock markets
Government Involvement in Fraud /
Double play of governments /
Jewish banks and financial
The Jewish "Russian" Mafia
The rise of banking
The collapse of Barings Bank
Capitalism and its price
Iraq - the destruction of history

The financial one controlled by Venice

Islamic banking
Why 9/11?

A scam?
A means to an end?
A tool in the hands of the unscrupulous

The basic system

The definition of capitalism in the
Dictionary is: "... an economic one
System in which the production and
Distribution of goods from private capital
and making profit depends. "
The definition of usury is: "... the
Act or method of getting money for interest
to rent."
The two are therefore related because both of
Depend on private capital and both
Throw in profit.
Capital is therefore the potential of
accumulated assets, new production
and create added value. In contrast
to do this, money was only invented around a
general measure of the value of goods
get what the exchange of
different goods against each other
and transactions made possible by the
Selling and buying things promoted. It is
but not a precursor of additional itself

Adam Smith said: "... because you have the gold and silver money that is in every country in the
Circulation is, very well, with a road
could compare the all that grass and grain
brings to market in the country, but itself
not produced a single batch of it. "
Both Adam Smith and Karl Marx
believed that capital is the engine that drives them
Drives market economy.
For Smith it was the economic one
Specialization - the division of labor and the
resulting exchange of products on
Market - the source of productivity and
hence the prosperity of the nations. These
Specialization and this exchange was made
made possible by capital, the Smith as the
Defined reserve of assets, which fr
Production purposes have been accumulated
was. The more capital has been accumulated
the more specialization was possible and
the higher the productivity would be
Be company.
Capital was therefore considered to be the magical power
viewed which productivity through
should increase the creation of value.
However, the system has the following
(a) It prefers the lender
and not the debtor and gives
hence the moneylender
disproportionate level
Control. Karl Marx said: "... it
is a great contradiction of the
capitalist system since it
his own downfall
because it causes the

Concentration of capital in

not avoiding a few hands
can ".
(b) Its success depends on
permanent growth of
Property rights

Property, the most stable form of wealth,

was the basis of this idea and therefore
mute the legitimacy of
Property rights are established.
The considerable increase in capital in the
West during the last two
Centuries is the result of one
gradual improvement of the
Ownership system. Gave property rights
the West a tool for creation
of added value, in addition to the material
The previous country aristocracies, whose
Fortune from the land they consisted of
possessed, became vulnerable as soon as they
turned this fortune into "money" (i.e.
H. for money mortgages on their possessions
Recordings). Led by new land taxes
this in many cases to the loss of theirs
In the west, however, this was called
Success story reported as the only
practical way of a modern economy too
to organize. Money, this artificial
Tools of all of these transactions flowed in
ever larger amounts. However, this is a
wrong picture of real events.

Money makes money, but about this potential

to realize it is necessary all the time
better investment opportunities too
search, and if none can be found,
which leads to stagnation, exactly what
happened in the west today.
The possibility of this alleged
Triumph of capitalism a recipe for
an economic and political
Could be disaster is only now
recognized, although appropriate warnings
over the past two hundred years
were announced.
The West apparently lives in right now
Prosperity. The "needs" of the daily
Life increase, people one
Have, got a job (however
only apparently) more money and there is one
Vision of a new, better, liberalized
World in which there is thanks to globalization
no limits to the flow of goods and
Money there. Yet this has to be increasing
economic stagnation, despite
an organized campaign of the
Misinformation (in the controlled press)
by those interest groups that support the
public opinion through political parties
and control mass media.
Cyclical fluctuation

The tensions that the present,

caused worldwide financial crisis
have are predominantly in the western
Home to the world since capitalism
during the Industrial Revolution the
dominant form of economic
Organization in Europe.

The most noticeable features of this

Systems are cyclical as it is very strong
Shows fluctuations, and as there is a great deal
pressure, profits in the interest
of shareholders and financiers.
As a result, employers are now under a lot
increased pressure in recessions
Lay off workers to save costs,
than the gentlemen in earlier, more or
less feudal, societies. These
Reduction in wages throughout
Economy reduces the need for goods
and services even further and
this becomes the recessive phase of the cycle
This was first seen in 1840
all of Europe evident and led to
widespread misery. The appearance of the
Communist manifestos of Marx and
Engels in 1848 is therefore hardly one
The Depression of the 1930s was still there
more catastrophic consequences than that
Disaster in the previous century. The reason
was not just in a chain reaction of the
financial collapse. Also the
primitive welfare systems, which after the
First World War were created
proved unsuitable to the giant
Appreciate masses of the new unemployed.
After the end of the Second World War,
during the post-war upswing, the
by rebuilding the destroyed
Europe had been triggered, recognized the
entire industrialized world as that
economic management focused on
built orthodox financial theories
was insufficient. It was therefore
established as government policy henceforth

give priority to high employment rates

and the government if necessary
should intervene to keep the economy going
to support higher government spending.
This was with a general philosophy
connected, in the state intervention in the
Private sector and cooperation with the
Private sector not just as necessary but
was also seen as desirable.
The modernization of agriculture and
the uncertain market for some of the
traditional crops led after
WWII too massive
Layoffs from agricultural
Workers on traditional estates (the
already exposed to a high tax burden
were) and set a lot of people free
looking for new horizons.
The same situation can now be found in the
so-called third world watch where
the massive migration from the countryside to the
Cities huge crowds of people
created who live in poverty.

A scam?
A means to an end?
A tool in the hands of the unscrupulous

Market distortion

There were no formal agreements

between the state and the private
Corporations in relation to investments,
Production or jobs. The general
Assumption was there the goal of an optimal
functioning economy best
is achieved when government intervention
be reduced to a minimum and each
Form of self-regulation dem
Leave to private sector management
This attitude ignored the degree to which
the market forces already systematically in
Direction towards specific business interests
were distorted, and so was monetary policy
loose as they are increasing indiscipline
promoted by donors as well as debtors.
The effect of stimulating the
Consumption needs, the increasing
Participation of women in the labor market
as well as the liberalization of several
Areas of consumption such as gambling and
Pornography, were willingly through that

financial establishment accepts that

these promising
Wanted to use sales opportunities.
In the 70s and 80s it became clear that the
Distortion of market forces too
wasteful overinvestment and
led to a maldistribution of resources
would have.
The assumption since the spread of the
"Free markets" for general prosperity
would lead was through the
spectacular collapse of the Soviet Union
clearly promoted. This led to the
Vision of a better, newly liberalized
World, in globalization the obstacles
for trade and monetary transactions has eliminated
and in the new markets and
Value creation opportunities created
That didn't happen. The transition to
twenty-first century showed
increasing economic failure and
deteriorated outlook for most
Economic stagnation

There was an increasing, economic one

Stagnation and uncertainty in the rich
Countries of the industrialized west. you
condemned a not insignificant one
Minority, in the UK and the
United States about thirty percent
of the population, to the status of a
permanent underclass living in poverty.
This, along with the increasing
Failure of private
Pension insurance has that

Specter of poverty and

Resurrect penniless for those
who previously felt financially secure.
This has continued to affect poor countries as well
pushed to the edge of the action. The
80 percent of the world's population,
that was bad before is still now
worse. The increasing number of
economic refugees from these
Countries flee, the increase of
National bankruptcies and the collapse
of law and order are facts that
one not in the official statistics
finds again.
Corporate crime

Another sign is that

increasing crises in the liberalized
Markets and the rise in fraud and
Corporate crime.
The "global establishment" i.e. those
Interest groups representing the public
Opinion through political parties and
Control mass media, deny it
stubbornly showing any sign of one
long-term slowdown of the
Economic growth.
Through various methods of
Deception and persistent
Propaganda campaigns have that
Establishment tries to attract attention
of the reality of a deepening
Economic crisis and the functional
Weakness of the system.
In the late 1990s it became clear there
these supposed success stories

less with liberalization and a lot

more with state intervention and officially
supported market distortion.
Before the end of the last
Century the prophets face each other
a capitalist triumph on it
restrict the United States as
to present new light of hope. The
Fireworks for the new millennium were
but hardly over when it became apparent that the
alleged miracles of America's newer
Economy were illusions, and there was image
of success on fictional data and
wrong accounting in one never
existing order of magnitude was based.

The governments of the supposedly most

developed countries in the world are so of
corrupt and criminal elements
penetrated as it seems they have
any sense of responsibility for that
public good lost.
The global establishment has
steadfastly refused to admit that
Post-war tales of the permanent
Growth is not feasible. These
Refusal has its cause in the
well-founded fear of a financial
Collapse, because doubt on
permanent growth means doubt
in the future viability of
Pension insurances that have been in place since
1950s in the United States
were built and the main source of the
Retirement income of employees in
the private sector are. During the
It was recession in 1974
obviously as old-fashioned bankruptcy

and depreciation of property in large

Style did not produce an acceptable solution.
Instead, an official rescue followed
of financial institutions.
This measure supported the
Asset management industry that is growing too
a force that has developed a strong
and pernicious influence on the
Development of global late capitalism
At the same time the global spread
Establishment the idea as the permanent
Economic growth with short term
Victims can be resuscitated. Therefore
the dismantling of British industrial capacity
by the government of Margaret Thatcher.
When it became clear as the capitalist
Economy was unable to get one
Minimum degree of permanent
Income stability for the majority of
Provide population, too
clear, as there are calls for more radical ones
Solutions could prevail, and there
this probably to a greater degree
Public control over the private sector
and greater redistribution of the
Income at the expense of the dominant
Interest groups would mean.
Governments gave private firms
and specifically the financial sector, one
strong incentive to be irresponsible or
even criminal behavior by showing the
them creating and giving
Loans made it easier, but also one
implied guarantee that the state gave all
would cover major losses.

In a climate of increasing stagnation, in

it was difficult for the economy
of companies at least at the lowest,
at an acceptable level
Group manager of the increasingly
exposed to irresistible temptation,
not just capital for extremely risky people
Spending investments, too
to commit direct fraud.
This continued the national
Economies stronger and unfair
Competition out and resulted in pressure on the
Governments (especially in the poorer
Countries), the tax rates for corporations
to decrease significantly.
That pressure has increased as the
sustained, slow growth in nearly
every sector of the world economy
Has created reserve capacity. The process
globalization has made it possible since
countries that do not pretend that
elementary rights of their workers
estimate or minimum
To comply with environmental regulations, these
Take advantage of the trend.
Of course, the global establishment did
refused to accept the social ramifications
see coming out of the increasing
Weakening of public services and
devoted to human welfare and the
not sustained in the long run
can be.

A scam?
A means to an end?
A tool in the hands of the unscrupulous

Change in the structure of wealth

Developments in the
Information technology fed to
drastic changes in the structure of the
Fixed assets of a company.
In the world of capitalism everything has one
Value. Everything, such as sports, art and
Literature, is in the melting pot of
Capital thrown and what emitted
is not an intoxicating variety
but a destructive song of praise to him
This has the focus of the
traditional meaning of material
Property to intangible
Assets shifted, such as the
Human capital that is for knowledge-intensive
Industries is needed. The
Entertainment sector (pop, music, sport or
Cinema) depends heavily on the high cost of fr
Human capital. This values ​​can only
with great inaccuracy on a balance sheet
are listed. As retaining
new technical developments, such as

genetically modified crops or

changes in the human genome.
It takes an intense search for new ones
Investments for investment capital instead,
supposed to be global capitalist
Stabilize order. Of course you can
Hand in hand with the pressure, each
available opportunity to take advantage of more
Profit from existing sectors too
pull. Hence the "New Labor" government in Great Britain has the
Gambling laws "liberalized" and it the
Advertising industry allows children as
Target audience to use. Feminism has
already achieved his goal by having the
Women increasingly into the vortex of the
Business life draws.

Since the early days of the industrial

Capitalism in the Nineteenth Century
it has been widely accepted since the
vital, public services and
Utilities, such as water and
Electricity, Telecommunications and Education
mostly from organizations
are provided that are state-owned
and are controlled by the state.
These benefits were considered natural
Monopolies viewed as having no form of
Need competition and for that
Private capital is not an attractive one
Offer investment opportunity.
After the years 1929-1931, the
United States a mix of
government regulation, subsidy and
selective, private investment accepted.

The Thatcher government's privatization policy in Great Britain leaned on itself

the assumption that the public sector contributes
the provision of services in his
Area of ​​responsibility had failed. Therefore
should the private sector, with its him
allegedly inherent capacity fr
greater profitability, these services
take over.
It was, however, by the representatives of this
Measures never mentioned as this is also one
urgently needed investment opportunity for
excess investment capital offered.
takeover of corporations

The takeover of a company by a

other is a characteristic
of the capitalist market. From General
Electric was told: "... it's like a shark,
it has to swim and continue to eat
or die. "
Commercial and investment banks

Investment banks had a strong incentive to

a greater proportion of the extreme
lucrative business of mergers and
take over to gain what by
intensive marketing strategies achieved
should be who the managing directors
and directors of these large companies directly
addressed. It's worth mentioning there
the arts of persuasion of the new
resulting financial corporations (such as
Citigroup, whose senior advisor is the former
James Wolfensohn is head of the World Bank,
Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs) too
personal offers to directors of
Client firms included, such as from

highly profitable blocks of shares in companies that

had nothing to do with the client company.
Financial liberalization in the
The 1970s has enabled commercial banks
and encourages its activities to be carried out through the
full range of financial
Spread services. Banks like
Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suiss
First Boston have their investor customers
systematically and deliberately lied to.
It was an article of faith for a long time
among the representatives of the modern
Capitalism because trust in the
financial markets is a public good,
that is highly valued and approached carefully
must be From this point of view
seen it may seem appropriate
there financial institutions and others
Companies will be able to use their
Results in the best possible light
present. And for the same reason
it also seems completely rational that
Development of structures and
Instruments to promote which the danger
a systematic, financial one
Reduce collapse.
Culture of deception

This in turn encouraged the culture of the

Fraud. In capitalism there are managers
in the private sector under extreme pressure that
Maintain profitability and to
increase. It is therefore not surprising
the top manager and their helpers are in
Times of economic stagnation the
to use increasing opportunities
make to mislead investors and the
To fake books in a big way.


Enron's fraudulent actions,

WorldCom and Global Crossing would be
but not remained undiscovered for so long,
if there wasn't active mediation
external organizations (especially the
Wirtschaftsprüfer), from whom one
would normally assume they are
contain such irregularities.
Auditors like Arthur Andersen,
Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG
and Price Waterhouse Coopers
increasingly most of theirs
Income as a consultant to companies. This
also excludes current or potential
Customers for auditing services
a. The danger more possible
Conflict of interest is obvious.

The role of actuaries

was previously mainly limited to
the correct insurance premiums
statistical data for life expectancy
to calculate. Lately they received
the task, the value of
Pension insurance based on
Make assumptions about future profits too
calculate which ones relate to historical
Should support market trends. The result
was a huge exaggeration of the
reported net worth, both the
Pension insurances as well as the companies
which they promoted.
Credit rating agencies

Credit rating agencies are one

opaque but extremely important

Group in the securities markets. Your
Assessment of the creditworthiness of companies (and
even national governments) has one
great influence on the expectations of the
The collapse of Enron drew the
Attention to the fact that that
Credit evaluation business far too little
was regulated because two US companies (Moody's
Investors Service and Standard & Poor's)
practically had a monopoly there
There was a lack of transparency and there it was potentially here
the same conflicts of interest existed as at
the auditors.
Stock markets

Since the 1980s, the stock exchanges have been with

Increasing government approval
converted, from serisen,
semi-nationalized institutions whose
Ownership structure and management do not arise
Profit aimed to corporations making the profit
Third world countries, which investors so far as
Seemed too risky, have been in the last
Years (not least from the IMF
and the World Bank) their economy fr
to open foreign capital.
Successive financial crises in
Mexico, East Asia and Russia don't have
only shown as the original skepticism
the investor in relation to such markets
was justified. Large speculative funds
many of these countries have remained
Damage is done to their currencies
and destabilized financial systems

to have.

A scam?
A means to an end?
A tool in the hands of the unscrupulous

Government involvement in fraud

Nobody noticed because of this

destructive trials by the US government
and was specially funded by the IMF. This
was tacitly done by the
Bonds from US investors in Mexico
have been guaranteed and by countries like
Russia and Argentina
were irresponsibly encouraged
to incur unpayable debts. This was
an officially planned criminal indeed
Conspiracy aimed at chronic
to make weak economies
Debt at unsustainably high interest rates too
make it western
Speculators and financial institutions
to allow extremely high profits too
do. This works as long as the IMF
the local exchange rate against the dollar
supports. This measure has to be strong
Mass impoverishment in Russia, Argentina
and contributed in other countries.
In 2003 the news indicated that the
multinational resident in Italy
Food company Parmalat pounded a hole in

the size of four billion euros in his

Balance had, first of all, on simple theft
by the top managers of the group.
After that, however, it turned out there
a large part of the company's losses (the
accumulated over thirty years)
the result of political support
was sent to high government officials in
all over the world
Any financial downturn today is a lot
more drastic as the financial welfare of the
most citizens now directly with the service
related to financial markets. The
consequent threat to pensions from
so many people is a social and
political problem of potential
catastrophic proportions.
Growing corporate power

It is important to be aware of the formidable and

growing power of corporations
be what the economic and
social conditions in an increasingly
influenced the deregulated world.
In a world that is increasing
Competitive pressures and dwindling
Opportunities to make real profits,
Few corporate leaders will doubt
because continuous deception at
Report their financial results
the public is necessary.
The ruling, political
Interest Groups in the Western World
have been determined since the 1970s
face any change in global
Economic order and power structures
to oppose which their own

superiority and their disproportionate

Decrease your share of the world's wealth
Since the French Revolution in the year
1789 (in which the collapse of the
French monarchy
economic failure was triggered)
there was a general inclination among the
western elites, at least minimal ones
To make concessions to those forces who
otherwise a much stronger social and
could trigger a political upheaval.
Therefore, traditional monarchies have or
aristocratic societies in the
the following 150 years
Revolutions of the bourgeoisie yielded
and the right to vote gradually on the
entire population expanded.
The current rigidity of the ruling
Elite is in direct opposition to spirit
of the liberal pragmatism that it the
previous ruling elite allowed themselves
the change in the nineteenth and
twentieth century adapt. This
likes the success of the previous one
Post-war upswing
be that of the majority of the population
Gave the illusion that the system was ongoing
Improvement of the standard of living
can guarantee.
This startling rigidity is made possible by the
increasingly decisive dominance of
Corporations, which with their huge,
financial resources the political
Processes and so also the actions and
Statements by public organizations
(such as the World Bank) control. you

know as every aspiration to their

immense privileges to reduce, too
an effective dismantling of the structures
could lead to their parasitic
Power supports, specifically the structures of the
financial markets.
Double play of governments

Any doubts about the double play of

ruling elite was eliminated as clear
was given as both the magnates of the Wall
Street as well as the governments in
Washington accomplices in the crimes
from Enron and World Com.
The fact since the Bush government
was ready in the midst of such a huge
Financial crisis both massive
Tax cuts (which the rich
useful) as well as the
costly and unprovoked war in the
Iraq to begin shows as they are not around
the common good cares and is ready
to do everything possible to take a short respite
received or to the public from
distract current events
It is a very disturbing conclusion
from these phenomena of decay, there
a force that is unrelated to
organized crime differs that
Control over the most powerful governments
the world has acquired.
The most spectacular and the best
documented case, the scandal was the new
deregulated, American savings and
Credit industry in the 1980s, one
unprecedented orgy of fraudulent
Loans and bankruptcy in which the

Family of President George H W Busch in

major Ma was involved. This
led to a rescue operation by the
same president in 1989 who gave the
US taxpayers around 1.4 in the long run
Will cost trillions of dollars.
It is further evidence of the assumption
since the US government is criminal
has infiltrated since the second Bush government attempted the
international rules on restriction
to loosen the money laundering. Such
Efforts also match failure
the US and other western ones
Lead, act decisively and the
Criminals in cases like Enron's
To deliver justice.
It's just as hard to get the official one
Declare carelessness, despite the danger
a policy as catastrophic as the free one
Flu of international capital for the
brings economic and social stability,
except when you are aiding and abetting fraud
highest level presumed. The fact there
Washington insists on this structure
forcing weak economies, fr
which it can only mean ruin, lt
only as an effective conspiracy of the
understand financial corporations who are willing
and are capable of their own interests
Enforce costs to the public.
Even if the leaders of the
West is accepted as the problem
of increasing global chaos
Can be ignored any longer, it seems
their reaction to be completely haphazard.
In their fantasy world the current one becomes
Problem of global disorder
"Failure states" are attributed to themselves

have proven incapable of a minimum

to establish structures that support the
Requirements of a modern society
correspond and the for order and
Stability are required. As a solution to this
Problem is now suggested because the
stronger nations some kind of imperial
Hegemony over the weak or
establish collapsed states.
It's utterly amazing as this
Proposals on the rejection of the
fundamental principles of modern
international relations are based (see
Philip Bobbitt "The shield of Achilles" (The
Shield of Achilles) and Robert Cooper "The
New Liberal Imperialism "(The new, liberal
Imperialism) in the Observer, April 7, 2002.)
It therefore does not seem excessive
to be assumed as the ruling
Washington oligarchy seeks a climate
to create in the military conflict
of various kinds than normal
be considered, and in which the
Human rights in one more or
less permanent state of emergency
can be canceled.
One can wonder how long it will last
still lasts until the irresponsible and
parasitic forces affecting the system
dominate, destroy the body from the
they feed themselves.
Unfortunately, the average person is
mainly occupied with it
and improve your own place in the world
therefore gives little thought to
where does all the abundance come from and which
Follow he has.

It is therefore necessary about it

ponder whether such, malicious
Conspiracy indeed exists as to whether that
System is just out of control or whether it is
follows a detailed plan that leads to chaos
and finally to rule over the
whole world leads.

More information about the different

Aspects of this topic are addressed to the
the following websites:
About money power:
About Jewish moneylenders: www.judom.
About the new world order: www.

Jewish banks

financial manipulation

Capitalism is a Jewish stronghold

and since early historical times
have Jews all over the world on
Banking involved.
The world of high finance is Jewish
World. War and revolution are with them
international, Jewish finance
interwoven. These dealers of strife
have no political ties.
National loyalty (if you have any
have) is the business of
subordinate to international finance.

Some of the big Jewish banks

August Belmont & Co.
J. & W. Seligman & Co.
Kuhn Loeb & Co. (Warburg)
Lehman Brothers

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

According to the Jewish lexicon, that had

great fortune, that of the Rothschilds
was accumulated, its origin in
a commercial fraud method.
Mayer Rothschild embezzled the amount
of $ 3,000,000 that his employer gave him
when he was forced to
to flee to Denmark.
Mayer Amschel Bauer was in the middle
born in the eighteenth century and
worked for the Prince of Hanau as
Court agent and agent for the mercenary trade
of the prince. He changed his name to
Rothschild and established his five sons in
different European cities:
Anselm in Frankfurt, Solomon in Vienna,
Nathan in London, Charles in Naples and
James in Paris.
They saw neither peace nor war, neither
I still speak manifestos, nor daily orders,
neither death nor fame. They didn't see any of the
Things that blinded the world. They just saw
Running boards. Prince William was one of them
been. Napoleon would be next.
(Quote from The Rothschilds "by Frederic
In the United States, the
Jewish high finance with the Rothschilds.
The first twenty million dollars theirs
were available for speculation
were the payments for the Hessians
Troops fighting the
American colonies.

That first connection was indirect and that

Rothschild children never got themselves into
the newly formed United States
settled down, but always through
Agents acted.
Her fortune was founded like that of many
Jews, to the war.
The result of the Battle of Waterloo was
very important. After Nathan Rothschild
through its own information system
had learned since Napoleon struck
he sold his British Consul shares on the floor of the London Stock Exchange.
As he had foreseen, created his
fraudulent act panic and one
catastrophic fall in price. In the
In the meantime, he bought through his agents
all Consul shares back at the lowest price
and increased his fortune.
The French government, now under
Louis XVIII on loan from the Ouvrard banks
and Baring Brothers and ignored them
In 1818 the French borrowings began
to fall. The Rothschild agents
used the same trick Nathan did
Rothschild used with his Consul shares
would have. They bought large quantities
French government bonds
whereby these increased in value. After that
they threw this in the main
Business centers in Europe to market
and created a panic while the
Rothschilds waited. The king was
forced to include them and focus on this
Wise, they gained financial control
About France.

Their next destination was the United

States. In the late 1820s and early
The first one can be seen in the 1830s
documented evidence of involvement of the
Rothschilds in the financial affairs of the
Find United States. Your agent
Nicholas Biddie fought the Jacksons
Try to use the power of the international
Restrict bankers. The Rothschilds
lost the first round. Raised in 1832
President Jackson objection to the
Renewal of the charter of the Bank
United States (the central bank's
controlled by international bankers
was) and in 1836 the bank closed.
In the years following the
Declaration of independence developed
a close relationship between the
Cotton aristocracy in the south and the
Cotton industrialists in England.
European bankers realized this
America's Achilles heel was.
History shows since the Rothschilds
in the American Civil War intensely
the financing of both sides involved
were. Lincoln slowed down their activities,
by refusing in 1862 that of the
Rothschilds demanded usurious interest
pay and constitutionally secured,
issued interest-free US banknotes. The
Lincoln was assassinated in 1865
possibly a consequence of this step.
After Lincoln's death Otto von Bismarck gave up
the following opinion:
Lincoln's death is a
Misfortune for Christianity. It
is no man in the

United States of the in his

Shoes pat. I am afraid there
foreign bankers with theirs
List and their wounded
Tricks full control over the
lush wealth of America
will attain and him
use it systematically
become modern civilization
to spoil. You will not
hesitate to all of Christianity
to plunge into wars and chaos
around the world to their inheritance
After using their assets on cheating
had built up, they disappeared
Rothschilds from the stage, but hers
hidden hand is still on many
Fronts active.

Many of the international, Jewish

Financiers started in Frankfurt, such as
the Schiffs and the Speyers.
The group Kuhn, Loeb and Co. was
founded by Jakob Schiff, his father
one of the Rothschild brokers. One of
Business partner of Jakob Schiff, Otto
Kahn, Speyers connected (those in England
during the reign of Edward VII
came to power). Another
Business partner, Felix Warburg, got married
into the family of Jakob Schiff and became
one of the most influential members of the
diplomatic service of the United
The main agents in the United

States in the period up to 1914 were Kuhn,

Loeb and Co. and J.P. Morgan Co.
Within twenty years, Kuhn had
Loeb his new partner Otto Kahn
important financial connections in Europe
had (i.e. Rothschilds and M.M.
Warburg) the capital for John D
Rockefeller compiled around standard
Expanding Oil. He also funded that
Activities by Edward Harriman
(Railways) and Andrew Carnegie (steel).
The next step was creating one
Privately owned central bank.
It is known since Jakob Schiff Japan
during the war with Russia in 1905
significantly supported.
Judaism was after the first
World war stronger than after the second.
This led to the sentimental euphoria
of the Holocaust fairy tale.
After the Second World War, the
Establishment of the World Bank (Director: Robert
Zoellick and the International Monetary
Find who helped to get the clue
Like the tentacles of a huge octopus
accompanying measures extended in
other countries - especially after Central and Eastern Europe
South america.
The offer of financial aid to Mexico
was made by Jewish groups. The
political unrest and the financial
Agreements in small but
strategically important countries in

Central America all came from the same

Source. (This fact is with more
Details under the heading
South America can be found on this website.)
On December 9th the presidents stood
from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil,
Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela,
together with a representative from Uruguay
in Buenos Aires in front of the flags of theirs
Countries. They signed the
Founding statute of the Banco del Sur, the
Bank of the South.
The Bank of the South will
Participating States allow a part
the collective currency reserves for
Strengthening the Latin American
Economy to use and common
Promote development. Right from the start
2008 are $ 7 billion in bonds
The bank is a serious one
Challenge from the US
dominated institutions like that
International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
and signs of a clear break with that
neo-liberal free trade policy, which the
Region during the eighties and
Dominated the 1990s.
The bankers of the south know very well
how important this break is. In the words
by Hugo Chavez, the president of
Venezuela, the purpose of the bank is "... us
of the chains of dependence and the
Liberate underdevelopment ".
President Chavez, the regular conflicts

fighting with the Busch government,

took over the shares in June last year
by ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips in multi-billion oil projects in this region.
Such a move will not go without a counterattack
tolerated. ExxonMobil Corporation, the last
Week (January 2008) the largest
All-time annual profit for a US company
reported, allegedly in the UK,
the Netherlands and the Dutch
Antilles obtained court orders to the
Owned by the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA
worth $ 12 billion too
confiscate. ExxonMobil is fighting over
Compensation for losses they make
allegedly through that
Hugo's nationalization program
Chavez suffered.