How to clean a volcanic steamer

Cleaning the siphon - this is the best way to do it

Deposits in the siphon

Dirty substances also find their way into the drain via the dirty water from the sink or sink. For example:

  • Fats
  • Leftover food
  • lime
  • Dander or
  • hair

All these substances are not completely flushed into the sewer pipe, but are deposited on the way at the lowest point of the piping, the siphon.

Over time, a tough sludge of semi-decomposed organic material is created, which also contains a large number of bacteria that slowly decompose this material. This can also cause bad smells.


In order to allow less organic material to get down the drain and thus into the siphon, it is best to use drain strainers. They are a simple and inexpensive but very effective aid when used consistently.

Cleaning the siphon

If you clean the siphon regularly, you will effectively prevent blockages in this area. This also prevents unpleasant smells from escaping from the drain over time.

cleaning supplies

Deposits are best removed mechanically. You can use pipe cleaners or narrow wire brushes for this.

Denture cleaner to loosen deposits

It is also very effective to put the siphon parts in a bowl with water and add a few denture cleaner tablets. They dissolve deposits very effectively and also fight the bacteria that cause odors. An exposure time of around half an hour is ideal.

Most of the dirt can then be removed mechanically much more easily because it has already been loosened. The subsequent rinsing with water is often enough. Always clean the seals thoroughly under running water, but do not put them in the denture cleaner solution.

Remove the siphon

You will find detailed instructions on how to dismantle the siphon and reassemble it in this article.

Most siphons have a cleaning opening to make cleaning easier. There you can open the siphon and clean the inside very easily and without much effort. You only have to completely dismantle siphons without a cleaning opening.

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