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Supergirl was originally invented as the female counterpart to the very popular superhero Superman in the 1950s by Otto Binder and Al Plastino and first appeared in May 1959 in Action Comics # 252. After her arrival on earth, Supergirl began to assist her cousin as a junior partner in his heroic deeds.

Supergirl evolved over time into what is probably the best known Sidekick von Superman and went through various changes and developments in the DC Comics over the years and also appeared regularly in various cartoons and series outside of the comics and got in the wake of the popularity of the Superman movie series With Christopher Reeve even made his own movie in 1984. The series Supergirl from the broadcaster CBS now once again focuses on Superman's cousin Supergirl and presents another version of her story, which is made up of numerous elements and characters from the Superman myth and served the DC Comics.

Supergirl is the title and main character of this series and has lived as a Kara Danvers (nee Kara Zor-El) lived a relatively normal life as a personal assistant to Cat Grant in National City. When a plane crashes in which Kara's adoptive sister Alex is, Kara uses her superpowers to save the plane and decides, following the example of her cousin Superman, to pursue a career as the new superhero and protector of National City.



Arrival on earth

At the age of 13, Kara was sent to Earth from her dying home planet Krypton, where she was taken in by the Danvers family.

With the help of her new family, she carefully learned to control her extraterrestrial powers.

Use their powers

About twelve years later, a disaster forced Kara to show her superpowers in public. Motivated by her heroics, Kara began using her powers as a Supergirl to protect her city from crime on behalf of humanity.