Whonix Gateway setup menu

QubesOS / qubes-issues

I don't know if this has already been tackled @adrelanos, but in the currently deployed Whonix templates there are still some hold-overs from its VirtualBox version. A couple of examples:

  • whonix-gw should have drastically reduced number of default apps installed (i.e. no Iceweasel, etc)
  • whonix-gw and whonix-ws should not have the language around default username and password in the terminal, since Qubes doesn't respect sudo magic.
  • clean up menu list, lots of redundant / unnecessary default listings (Whonix feature blog, Whonix important blog, donate page, contribute page, Help, documentation online, IRC channel, developer mailing list, etc). that should all be content in Help (for example), and the rest of the listings should be actual apps.

Anything else that still needs to be tackled to get Whonix templates to feel at home in Qubes from a user perspective?