Replace voracious rice flour when making mochis

Kojoseifun is a rice flour maker that grew out of a candy store.
The company was founded in 1947. Our efforts have mainly focused on raw materials for Japanese confectionery, such as karukan rice flour, which is used for local confectionery in the Kagoshima region of southern Japan, and processed yam products.
Our specialty is working out solutions for the confectionery industry, both tangible (rice flour production) and immaterial (confectionery technology, recipes and manufacturing technology).
KOMEKO, a novel gluten-free rice flour and the result of the history and experience of our company, was introduced in 2010 and is the first rice flour in the world that can be used to make rice flour bread without additives and without special manufacturing processes.
In 2018 we founded a company in Germany and expanded our sales channels in Europe, mainly Germany.